1915 Finalists



1907 - 1912 class

Top row:  Constance Jenkins, Agnes Brodie, Agnes M Buttle
Middle row:  Mary E Hobbs, Rachel Henderson, Clare Lambert (passed first in NZ)
Bottom row:  Flora Robertson, Kathleen Carter, Jessie James


1915 class


another 1915 class
(one would have sat State Finals in June, the other in December, but photos unlabelled)


1916 class


1918 Jun State Finalists - Barbara Ann Mackenzie 2nd row at right



June 1920 State Finalists
L->R   Top row:  Pearl Dahl, Doris Vosper, Sarah Pinkerton, Helen Crooke, Hilda Aiken
Bottom row:  Norah Bergin, Eva Jones, Eileen Welch, Mary Macdonald, Esther Cannon


Another (informal) 1920 photo a mixture of two classes - date passed State Final in brackets 
Top row:  Sarah Pinkerton(Jun 1920), Margaret Langdon (Dec 1919), Eileen Welch (Jun 1920), Eva Jones (Jun 1920)
3rd row:  Helen Judge (Dec 1919), Mary Kerins (Jun 1920), Doris Vosper (Jun 1920)
2nd row:  Pearl Dahl (Jun 1920), Mary MacDonald (Jun 1920), Helen Crooke (Jun 1920), Norah Bergin(Jun 1920)
Front row:  Kate Feldwick (Dec 1919), Esther Cannon (Jun 1920), Helen Robertson (Dec 1919)


June 1924


December 1925 Graduates
photograph courtesy Peter Roselli



December 1927 State Finalists
Back row:  Violet Rait, Jessie Tressider, Annie Kerr, Doris Pierard, Elizabeth Knight
Front row:. Gwen Dryden, Marjory Thorp, Eileen Hair, Ivy Kirk, Beatrice Headifen, Melba Duncan


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