When I returned to the staff in October 1969 I became interested in identifying all patients who had undergone pacemaker implantation at the hospital.  Knowing the patient who had undergone the first implant in 1963, it was a simple matter of scanning the cardiothoracic theatre operation register from that date.  There were just twelve such patients.  From there I prospectively entered into notebooks details about all subsequent pacemaker recipients.

By now I was interested also in identifying all patients who had undergone cardiac catheterisation.   This was a much bigger task involving spending a considerable number of hours deep in the dusty Xray Department basement, trawling through procedure day books.  Having identified in excess of 1,000 patient names and dates of procedures, I then called for individual patient records to locate a catheter report.  More notebooks accumulated.  This became a time-consuming process and I never did complete the medical record search for the years 1971-72.   A similar exercise followed for patients who had undergone cardiac surgery.   Some of the graphs published in this history are the direct result of those endeavours.

In 1982 David McHaffie loaned me his Osborne PC and I was immediately hooked.  


Peter Kemp who worked in hospital administration had two IBM PCs located in offices near the old Board Room in the front block.  On these PCs was installed the newly-released dBase II database software.

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