L->R: S/N Mary McCartney, and techs Barbara Leeks, Mary Mortlock, 
Kathy Anderson, (front row) Beverley Paul, Paula Watson 1966

Ann McBride and Jessie Lyons, typists 1972

L->R: Diane Sorenson, Marilyn Hay, Betty France, Helen Stewart, Ponty Hallwright, Marshall Luke, Sylvia Fellowes,

Ian Weaver, Dr Shannon, Frances Stewart,
Kathy Hirtzel, Diane Lightbown, Paula Watson, S/N Porteous, Sister Gayne, Ron Easthope - Christmas 1972


1973 - in new department

L->R Frances Stewart, Diane Lightbown, Margaret Simpson, Kathy Hirtzel

L->R: Margaret Simpson, Diane Lightbown, Carol McIntyre, Kathy Hirtzel, 

seated:  Karu (H B Karunaratne, cardiology registrar) : 1973


Betty France, Karu
L->R: Betty France, ?, Karu, Sister Gayne

Christmas 1974

L->R: Peter Leslie, Diane Lightbown, Geoff Robinson,

unknown x2, Ron Easthope

L->R: Sue Barlow, Margaret Simpson, Shelley Nippierd,

Frances Stewart, Diane Lightbown.  1975

L->R: Shelley Nippierd, Frances Stewart, Carol McIntyre,

Diane Lightbown, Sylvia Fellowes, Sue Barlow,

Margaret Simpson (seated) 1975

Margaret Simpson and Frances Stewart about to leg it

Fun Run:  David McHaffie (the pacemaker)

and Ron Easthope (needs a pacemaker)

- finally got one 40 years later!

Gwen Turner, Ponty Hallwright, Frances Stewart

Christmas 1980

Mary Hartley, David McHaffie, Ian Sullivan

Christmas 1980

June Campbell, Kristine Shand, Barbara Steel

Mary Hartley, Ruth Clegg,

Carmen Chassagne, unknown

Mary Hartley, Frances Stewart and Stephanie Perry

in department kitchen, 1980

Kay Martin and Barbara Steel,

Christmas 1981

Ron Easthope and registrar Hugh Fairfull-Smith

Christmas 1981

Barbara Williams and Mary Hartley
Catherine Birt and Frances Stewart, Dec 1981Jan Mulder and Vikki D'Ath, Dec 1981
Maria Hrstich, Amy Young and Norah Martens, Dec 1981Carmen Chassagne and Ruth Clegg

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