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Accessing my radiology images

Use MyVue to view and share imaging


MyVue is the online portal for patients and referrers to access radiology imaging and reports.

Patients can access to their studies and share them with whānau, their doctor and other referrers.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I get more instructions on using MyVue? 

See Central Regional MyVue User Guide for more details. 


I have not received a registration email.  

Check your spam/junk email folder. Otherwise contact your radiology local department (see below).


My registration email has expired. 

Your invitation expires after 48 hours. Email your local district support team (see below), who will re-send your invitation. 


Can I use a non-New Zealand phone number? 

MyVue supports New Zealand and Australian mobile phone numbers. 


I did not receive a one-time-password. 

Try again later. If still no success, contact your district support team (see below).


Where is my new study?  

Imaging taken should appear the day after it was completed.
If it has still not appeared, contact your local district support team (below).


Where is my report?  

Your report is available via MyVue twenty days after the radiologist has completed it. This is to allow you to discuss the findings with your doctor. If your examination took place at a private provider (e.g Pacific Radiology), you will need to contact them directly for the reports. 


My study does not open using Safari on my Mac. 

If clicking on a link to open a study, and nothing happens, Safari will be blocking the pop-up. 

You need to disable pop-up blockers for the site. See instructions here


How do I view the high resolution DICOM imaging? 

Download the exam using the 'Save' button using a desktop/laptop device. This includes a Windows viewer software. The Mac App Store has free DICOM file viewers. 


How can I share my studies from my phone?

You will need to access the desktop version via the browser settings.

  • Android click the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  • Apple click the Aa in the top or bottom left corner.


My referrer can’t access my studies due to firewall settings.

They will need to contact their local ICT administrator to allow access to the site – https://myvue.central.health.nz 


For further assistance

If the above questions are unable to answer your questions, contact your local radiology department:


Capital and Coast


0800 804 510


Last updated 8 April 2024.