Published Friday 10 Mar 2023

“Mhoroi” means ‘hello’ in Shona, a Zimbabwean language, which is where Hutt Valley Hospital Registered Orthopaedics Nurse, Fatima Kamala hails from.

Fatima recently jumped on board the Hutt Valley Surgical Orthopaedics team through the Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) programme, having completed her three-year Bachelor of Nursing degree with Whitireia.  

She started her studies in 2020 as the world started grappling COVID-19. This meant a significant number of Fatima’s classes in that year was online, which in her words “was no easy feat”.

We spoke to Fatima about her journey into nursing and where she hopes to progress in healthcare.


What drove you to become a nurse?

“Five years ago, when I got to New Zealand, I started working as a health care assistant having worked as an administrator back in Zimbabwe. I become passionate about being a nurse when I worked alongside nurses seeing what they do and how they helped people. I enjoy helping people so adding all of that together, this is what eventually drew me to study to become a nurse.”


You did your nursing studies online during the COVID-19 pandemic. How was that for you?    

“It was challenging to be honest. I say it was challenging because we had to do lectures online and this was not always easy. With the support of my family and tutors I finally got there. I am now so relieved from finishing it all - knowing I can go have a good night sleep without thinking about studying and assignments. Waking up now only thinking of my work has been great.”


How have you found it so far?

“My time so far here at Hutt Hospital has been amazing. I have been given the most awesome preceptor, and she’s been very patient with me during my orientation here at Hutt Hospital. In fact, the whole team here has just been so friendly and helpful. I’m loving it.”


How do you want to progress in your health career?

“My immediate target is to complete the NETP. Although I am enjoying the breather from studies, I am hoping to do a post-graduate course at some point to further advance my skills. I have a heart to deliver person-centred care to all people that I provide nursing care to. During my studies I learnt about cultural safety which provided me with the tools required for provision of effective nursing practice to people from diverse cultures. Having learnt about the Treaty of Waitangi and the history of Māori during my studies, I have come to appreciate the health needs of Māori. I feel that I need to advocate for Māori to help achieve the best outcomes as possible.”


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