Published Tuesday 16 Nov 2021

Ceremonies were recently held celebrating our DHBs being assessed as having fully implemented the Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) programme with an overall percentage of 93% at CCDHB and 97% at HVDHB.

The CCDM programme is a set of tools and processes that help DHBs better match the capacity to care with patient demand. Getting the balance right between patient demand and staff capacity means DHBs can improve the quality of care for patients, the staff working environment, and use health resources in the best possible way. Full implementation relates to all the tools and processes having been implemented.

The tools help us identify the nursing and midwifery FTE required to meet demand, monitor aspects of safe staffing through the core data set and enable variance response management reporting.

Recent evaluation led by the SSHW Unit showed all of these tools and processes are in place across the majority of wards/units (including MHAIDS) at our 2DHBs. The remaining areas will see implementation over time.

The celebrations at each DHB were held with Chris Kerr (Chief Nursing Officer, Hutt Valley and Capital & Coast DHBs), our CCDM teams, SSHW and a few other key invited people. Certificates were presented by Bridget Smith (Director of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace Unit at TAS) at our COVID-19 safe ceremonies.

“This is a brilliant result and while there are still challenges with filling nursing and midwifery roles, I am so proud of the work all our staff across our 2DHBs have done to reach these major milestones”, says Chris.

The tools of the programme clearly identify the deficits in nursing and midwifery FTE to provide the patient care required, both over time and in real time. It allows us to recruit up to a certain baseline. While an ongoing national and international shortage of nurses and midwives continues to pose significant challenges to recruiting the FTE outcomes progress is still being made. Various recruitment and retention strategies are in place across our organisations.

The CCDM Programme was developed as a result of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Committee of Inquiry in 2006 and was mandated through the NZNO MECA and Safer Staffing Accord in 2018. The Programme focuses on achieving quality patient care, in quality work environments, with the best use of health resources and operates in partnership with the DHBs, NZNO, MERAS and PSA.

The Ministry of Health’s Safer Staffing Accord, signed with the Nurses Union and DHBs in August 2018, put safe staffing levels as a top priority for nurses and DHBs, and implementation of the CCDM programme is a key driver for safe staffing.

See our CCDM project section for more information.