Published Monday 14 Jun 2021

More than 5000 residents and staff at 46 aged residential care facilities across Wellington, Porirua, the Hutt Valley, and Kāpiti Coast have now received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, with the last vaccinations delivered in Lower Hutt.

Aged residential care resident Sally becomes one of the last residents to receive her second dose in the Wellington region.

Hutt Valley and Capital & Coast DHBs worked closely with pharmacy vaccinators to roll out vaccinations on site to this important priority population. Pharmacists Duncan Sutherland and James Westbury led teams that delivered vaccinations to the vast majority of residents and staff.

“Partnering with Pharmacy has enabled our successful programme to work well and provide a warm and welcoming vaccination service to our older generation,” said Rachel Haggerty, Director Strategy, Planning and Performance at Hutt Valley and Capital & Coast DHBs.

“We have seen both locally and overseas the devastating effect that COVID-19 can have on aged residential care communities. With two doses of protection now across our region, residents and their whānau can rest more easily.”

Pharmacist Duncan Sutherland of Unichem Upper Hutt led the team delivering the last doses in Lower Hutt, and said it was a real honour to be involved in the programme.

“It was easy to get our team motivated and set up to deliver such an important task. We have experience working in a mobile fashion and access to experienced vaccinators,” said Duncan Sutherland.

“I thank the DHB for having the trust in pharmacists, it’s been awesome working with them.”

Sally, an aged residential care resident and one of the last to receive her second dose, said she “decided to get vaccinated because my daughter wanted me to be safe.”

“Common sense will tell you there’s very little to think about, by not getting vaccinated you’re only putting other people at risk,” she said.

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