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When we recruit

We recruit for Resident Medical Officer (RMO) positions throughout the year once we are aware a vacancy exists. It is difficult for us to know if a vacancy will exist beyond 3 months in advance but in all instances, we will advertise the position once it's confirmed available. You can find our current vacancies listed on our careers website at

We are often flooded with candidates expressing an interest in our opportunities but the best advice we can offer you is that you check out our careers website for the current vacancies. If you can't see a position you're interested in at the time you can register for 'Job Alerts' to keep informed of our opportunities that best match your interests.

All interested applicants need to submit a formal application online to ensure that we run a fair and transparent recruitment process. As mentioned in our adverts, emailed applications will not be accepted for consideration.

The RMO rotation dates in New Zealand are different to many parts of the world, with our RMO training year beginning in November/December. We will always indicate a start date within the advertisement so that candidates know when they'd need start for service needs. On rare occasions we consider candidates that may require a delayed start but these are managed on a case-by-case basis and need to be discussed with us.

Our National Resident Medical Officer (RMO) rotation dates for the next 2 years are:

HOUSE OFFICER YEAR26/11/201824/11/2019
1ST QUARTER26/11/201824/02/2019
2ND QUARTER25/02/201926/05/2019
3RD QUARTER27/05/201925/08/2019
4TH QUARTER26/08/201924/11/2019
REGISTRAR YEAR10/12/201808/12/2019
6 MONTH RUNDATES10/12/201809/06/2019

HOUSE OFFICER YEAR25/11/201922/11/2020
1ST QUARTER25/11/201923/02/2020
2ND QUARTER24/02/202024/05/2020
3RD QUARTER25/05/202023/08/2020
4TH QUARTER24/08/202022/11/2020
REGISTRAR YEAR09/12/201906/12/2020
6 MONTH RUN DATES09/12/201907/06/2020


Positions we offer

We offer a variety of positions and are subject to availability. 

First year (PGY1) House Officer

First Year House Officers are allocated to our District Health Boards (DHBs) via The Advance Choice of Employment (ACE) programme which assists New Zealand and Australian graduates in gaining employment following their degree. This does mean that PGY1 positions are not readily available however in instances where a vacancy does arise, we will advertise the position on our careers website.

Second year (PGY2) House Officer

These positions are for House Officers that have completed at least 12 months in runs accredited PGY1/F1 equivalent training.

It's important that you meet the registration requirements set out by the Medical Council. For information about your eligibility visit They also have a handy registration self-assessment tool that can help determine your eligibility.

Senior House Officer

Some services offer designated Senior House Officer positions that sit specifically within a service. These positions have their own application requirements depending on the service but at the very least, you would need to have completed two (2) years as a House Officer in accredited runs.


We have a number of opportunities for Registrars within our DHBs. You would need to have completed two (2) years as a House Officer, in accredited runs to be eligible for these positions.

Annual Recruitment Cycle

The 20 DHBs of New Zealand have a national agreement whereby all positions that start at the beginning of the RMO training year (November/December), will follow the below timelines. For fairness and transparency, we cannot advertise or offer prior to the dates listed below.

Advertising opens
Soft launch of advertisingMonday 26 March 2018
Applications open
NZMonday 16 April 2018
InternationalMonday 16 April 2018
Closing dates
Registrars/SHOsSunday 13 May 2018
Offers Made on
Registrars and designated SHO positionsMonday 23 July 2018
House Officers (ACE PGY1 and PGY2+)Monday 6 August 2018
Acceptances by
Registrars and designated SHO positionsMonday 30 July 2018
House Officers (ACE PGY1 and PGY2+)Monday 13 August 2018

Helpful tools

The following document is available from the Kiwi Health Jobs website and can give you some more information about our Country's District Health Boards.

NZ Doctor Booklet (.pdf)


Last updated 18 June 2018.