Wellington Hospital Nurses Benevolent Society

The Nurses Benevolent Society has more than 60 years history of assisting nurses and midwives who have been or are currently employed at Wellington Hospital. The society was established following the sale of a cottage in Days Bay, which was originally built as a nurses’ holiday and convalescent retreat. Our purpose is to provide monetary assistance in times of need. For more information or to apply for assistance, talk to a committee member or email nursesbenevolentsociety@gmail.com. Please see information sheet attached:

New Zealand Nurses Memorial Fund

The New Zealand Nurses Memorial Fund (NZNMF) was established in 1917 in memory of the 10 nurses lost in the sinking of the Marquette. A benevolent fund was established in their memory to give assistance to nurses who through sickness or old age were unable to persue their nursing duties. The NZNMF has supported many nurses in times of financial hardship and emergencies and continues to do so 100 years later. For more information please refer to the two attachments below:

Last updated 20 May 2020.