Combined Seminar CCDHB & Otago University Wellington

This one day seminar has been designed by the Department of Women’s Health/Obstetrics & Gynaecology Otago University with the support of CCDHB Women’s Health Services.

Staff will come together to share and learn about the exciting research being done in Women’s Health across Wellington.

The aim is to disseminate research evidence and strategise on the future research direction so it is closely aligned with service need, clinical priorities and patient care.


This free seminar is relevant to staff at the clinical (consumers of evidence) and to those doing or planning research in women’s health future collaborative research possibilities. The seminar focuses on future research collaborations for Women’s Health research between Women’s Health of CCDHB, Department of O&G at the University of Otago Wellington and other partners such as Victoria University.


The seminar will cover a range of presentations from Women’s Health O&G doctors, nurses, midwives and researchers. We will cover an introduction of why Clinical Research and Audit is important to Women’s Health and hear from some of our committee members about the processes behind applications.

Time Allocation

A 4 hour programme, 9am-1pm and a strategy meeting after lunch.


Registration is free, lunch will be provided for free


5th April 2019 9.00am – 1.00pm.


Small Lecture Theatre, University of Otago, Wellington

23A Mein Street, Newtown

Bookings and Enquiries

All Enquiries to or send details in the form below

Last updated 27 March 2019.