The Nursing and Midwifery Office (NAMO)leads and participates in several key quality and safety initiatives and there are a number of ways we can support you in your practice. 

Advanced Practice and Nurse Practitioner Information and Support Series 

The Advanced Practice and Nurse Practitioner Information and Support Series is held monthly for nurses interested in topics related to advanced nursing practice and the Nurse Practitioner (NP) scope of practice. Read more about advanced practice and nurse practitioner support.

Professional supervision

Professional supervision is defined as regular, protected time for critical, in-depth reflection on practice which enables the supervise to achieve, sustain and develop a high quality of practice. It is a means of focused support and development and allows for the consideration of personal and contextual factors which may impact on professional practice, providing a pathway for managing these. To access a list of available supervisors please email

Photo of Helen Costello

Helen Costello
Associate Director of Nursing - Practice Development
DDI: 04 806 0513

Last updated 29 June 2020.