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Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP)

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The Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP) is a clinically focused competency-based programme for nurses. It is a national programme, endorsed by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation.  


Performance reviews and NZNO Merit Steps for Unregulated Healthcare Workers

Unregulated Healthcare Workers include Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and Theatre Support Assistants (TSAs)

For performance review and merit step applications for Unregulated Healthcare Workers who are employed under the PSA collective agreement, e.g. Mental Health Support Workers, please contact

Performance reviews

A written performance review is required every 3 years

For the two years in between, a Re-validation performance review is required

Merit Step application

For information regarding the NZNO Merit steps for Unregulated Healthcare Workers, please see this document

All Merit step applications require an Application letter to be submitted to the DONM office with the completed performance review document once every 3 Years

If you have any questions, please contact

Māori and Pasifika

Huarahi Whakatū

CCDHB Nursing and Midwifery Leadership (NAML) group recognise the Huarahi Whakatū Maori PDRP as a legitimate programme that supports Māori Nursing workforce across the CCDHB Nursing services. For more information about the Huarahi Whakatū PDRP please visit the Te Rau Matatini website.

Hauora Māori Training Funds

Capital & Coast DHB (CCDHB) is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for funding to attend a training programme to complete a relevant qualification to support delivery of health and disability services to Māori. This funding is for the non-regulated Māori health and disability workforce.

Non-regulated staff are able to attain certificates, diplomas and graduate diplomas from Levels 2 to 7* on the NZQA framework (degrees/masters papers excluded and *conditions apply with Level 7 applications).

Find out more about the Hauora Māori training fund and how to apply.

Aniva qualifications

The Aniva programme offers NZQA approved qualifications with a specific focus on Pacific health for nurses and unregulated health workers. It aims to support Pacific Health professionals and providers to meet the needs of Pacific communities with more effective, culturally competent practice and provides workforce development for Pacific health workers as part of the Ministry of Health’s Pacific Health Strategy. For more information visit

Tipu Ora Hauora Māori education programmes

Tipu Ora is a Private Training Establishment registered with NZQA and has been providing Education, training and qualifications since 2002. These programmes are open to the Hauora Workforce and those who are considering Hauora as a career pathway. Both programmes are fully funded and are made up of unit standards off the National Qualifications Framework.

The programmes provide a strong reference to Kaupapa and Matauranga Maori throughout the duration. The National Certificate in Hauora (Level 4) is the pre requisite to the National Diploma in Hauora (Level 6), so students would need to complete the certificate before enrolling for the diploma. Tipu Ora's NZQA accreditation also allows for unit standards from both programmes to be cross credited towards higher level courses on the framework.

Tipu Ora brochure

Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō

Ngā Manukura o Āpōpō offers Clinical and Advanced Clinical Leaders in Māori nursing and midwifery the opportunity to participate in a Māori clinical leadership programme. Over the next four years, there will be four Clinical Leader cohorts and four Advanced Clinical Leader cohorts. The Clinical Leadership Training starts this year with the Advanced Clinical Leader cohort, which is now fully subscribed. The 8-day Clinical Leadership training consists of four 2-day noho marae spread over a 4-month period. The sessions are designed to stimulate learning, discussion, debate and action.

Professional development series -  Equity

CCDHB provides resources to help you improve health outcomes for our communities.

The Health Equity Assessment Tool: A User's Guide

The Health Equity Assessment Tool: A User's Guide, has been developed by the University of Otago, Wellington, to help facilitate the use of the Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT)

Career pathways

These pathways show the scope and stages of role development for nurses, from pre-registration through to Nurse Practitioner or advanced enrolled nursing practices:

Professional development career planning

The Ministry of Health and CCDHB require all health professionals and staff to have a career plan in place. A career Plan reflects your values, choices, goals, actions and its part of your professional development.

The Career Planning Guide will take you through the career planning process and how to develop a career plan.

Use the Professional Development and Career Plan (PDCP) to record your goals and action plan. The Professional Development and Career Plan replaces the former Professional Development Plan and is used across the central region by nursing professionals.

The Midwifery Performance Appraisal and Development form is used for midwives to record their goals and action plan. This document is used across the 6 DHBs of the central region.

Professional development opportunities

Anne Evans-Murray seminars

CCDHB is hosting the Anne Evans-Murray Seminars again in 2020.

Anne Evans-Murray runs an enjoyable seminar that promotes respectful communication and offers practical strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour in the workplace. The seminar is conducted in a non-threatening environment with no role-play or need for self-disclosure required of participants. Anne will demonstrate techniques and give tips to develop powerful body language and verbal skills. Morning tea is provided on the day.

The courses for 2020 are:

Clinical Assessment Skills                                                          9th & 10th March 2020                                                               
Respiratory & Cardiac Nursing Skills                                         30th & 31st March 2020                                                             
Building Resilience & Managing Challenging Communication   2nd April 2020                                                                            

All the information regarding the courses and sign up form can be found within the link below:

Email for more information

Advanced Practice and Nurse Practitioner Series

The Advanced Practice and Nurse Practitioner Information and Support Series is held the last Tuesday of every month in the Boardroom, Level 11 Grace Neill Block, Wellington Hospital.

Nursing and Midwifery Grand Rounds

The nursing and midwifery grand round encourages colleagues to present their work and insights from professional development activities. Here is an opportunity to hear your colleagues and external speakers present on current practice topics and professional matters.

November 2019

Nutrition is essential in Pressure Injury

Prevention & Management

Poor nutrition increases the risk of Pressure

Injury development

Presented by:
  • Jo Stewart, Dietetics Professional Leader
  • Paula McKinnel, Clinical Nurse Specialist Wound Care

Tuesday 12th Nov 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

    Wednesday 20th Nov 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

    October 2019

    Changing Practice - IV Amiodarone

    Administration to reduce phlebitis

    Presented by:

    • Siobhan Seeney, Nurse Educator, 6 South Cardiology

    Tuesday 8th October 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

      September 2019

      Medication Errors:

      What is being done to reduce them & how?

      Presented by:

      • Rebecca Lissiman, Nurse Educator, Neuroscience

      Tuesday 10th Sept 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

        Wednesday 18th Sept 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

          August 2019

          Clinical Ethics Consults Puzzle

          Find the Nurse or Midwife

          Presented by:
          • Hazel Irvine, Registered Nurse & Midwife, Acting Child
          • & Youth Morality Review Group Coordinator, Chair

            Clinical Ethics Advisory Group

          Tuesday 13th Aug 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

            Wednesday 28th Aug 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

              July 2019

              Compassion, Care & Altruism

              Reflection from 22nd International Congress on

              Palliative Care - Montreal, October 2018

              Presented by:

              • Alison Rowe, Nurse Practitioner, Palliative Care

              Tuesday 9th July 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

                Wednesday 17th July 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

                  June 2019

                  Leading Edge Wound Care Practice

                  Reflection from San Antonio, TX Conference 2019

                  CCDHB Cutting-edge practice with an equity lens

                  New ways of thinking

                   Presented by:

                  • Natalie Scott, Clinical nurse Specialist (CNS)
                  • Wound Care, Community Health Service
                  • Paula McKinnel, CNS Wound Care

                  Tuesday 11th June 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

                    Wednesday 12th June 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

                      April 2019

                      April Falls is all about Mobility

                      Safe mobility is falls prevention

                      Deconditioning - how do we spot it and what we do to make a difference?

                      What are our staff and data telling us?

                      Presented by:

                      • Shana Hall, Physio Neuro-Medical Team, ORA
                      • Mikaela Shannon, Nurse Manager
                      • Helen Costello, ADON Practice Development

                      Tuesday 9th April 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

                        Monday 15th April 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

                          February 2019

                          Safe Medicine Administration

                          An approach that goes beyond policy content


                          Presented by:

                          • Helen Costello, ADON Practice Development

                          Tuesday 12th Feb 2019, Wellington Regional Hospital

                            Wednesday 20th Feb 2019, Kenepuru Community Hospital

                              More information on previous years Nursing & Midwifery Grands Rounds here.

                              Professional supervision

                              Professional supervision is defined as regular, protected time for critical, in-depth reflection on practice which enables the supervisee to achieve, sustain and develop a high quality of practice. It is a means of focused support and development and allows for the consideration of personal and contextual factors which may impact on professional practice, providing a pathway for managing these.To access a list of available supervisors please email

                              Last updated 13 February 2020.