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The Nurse Entry to Practice Programme (NETP) accommodates NETP graduates both within the hospital and primary care settings. Central to Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) philosophy for continuing nursing education is the commitment to providing a supported learning environment. The NETP programme offered at CCDHB has recently been accredited by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

The aim of the NETP programme is to provide graduate registered nurses support and professional development to facilitate their transition during their first year of practice. Upon completion of the NETP year, nursing graduates will meet competencies and standards of practice in order to progress to competent level on the Professional Development and Recognition programme (PDRP) determined by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and CCDHB.

CCDHB offers a post graduate nursing paper embedded within the NETP programme and assures graduates that on completion of the programme they will demonstrate competent nursing practice. The primary focus of this paper is physical health assessment and making clinical judgements at a graduate nurse level.

CCDHB understands the demands and stresses faced by NETP graduates when they commence their first year of practice and are committed to provide both academic and clinical support.

This page provides information for those considering recruitment to CCDHB NETP programme and those within the DHB who need access to information regarding NETP graduates and the NETP programme.

Steph White

NETP Coordinator

Nursing and Midwifery Office
DDI: 04 806 0545





Phoenix Ahomiro
NETP Coordinator & Cultural Support
Nursing and Midwifery Office
DDI: 04 806 2377


CCDHB currently recruit nursing students who have completed and passed their New Zealand state final examinations, from around New Zealand. CCDHB have two graduate intakes a year in January and August. Graduate intake numbers are dependent on vacancies within clinical areas as CCDHB are committed to employing their graduates to permanent positions rather than offering short term contracts.

For more career and graduate recruitment information, visit Careers with CCDHB.



Capital and Coast District Health Board wants to make their graduate nurses feel welcomed. NETP graduates are welcomed to CCDHB with a Powhiri at the beginning of their orientation. Orientation provides the graduate with generic learning and an introduction to the NETP programme.Following on from this week graduates will be orientated to their clinical area by their senior clinical nursing team and preceptor. It is anticipated that graduates will complete clinical orientation within 4-6 weeks of starting their clinical placement.

Orientation resources


    Clinical employment areas

    Graduates will be informed of their clinical area prior to commencement. Once accepted, the terms of agreement for such placements are fixed for the NETP year. Within clinical areas graduates will be expected to complete generic online learning packages, orientation work books, IV competency, and study days additional to and as well as NETP study days and assignments. Initially this appears to be an overwhelming amount of work. It is strongly recommended that graduates utilise the knowledge and skills of their appointed preceptor, nurse educator, associate charge nurse managers and charge nurse managers within their clinical area. The NETP coordinator is also available for clinical support and will visit frequently. The lecturers support graduate's academic needs within the programme.

    Preceptor programme

    Socialisation, orientation and clinical support is important to ensure that graduates engage in positive learning experiences within their clinical environment. NETP graduates are supported in their clinical environment by a preceptor for the duration of their NETP programme. As part of their professional development requirements all NETP preceptors will have completed a two day workshop to enable their role. Preceptors are also required to be working toward or completed proficient level on the Professional Development and Recognition Programme. NETP graduates can be assured that their preceptor is committed to ensuring their completion of the NETP programme. NETP graduates are encouraged to complete a preceptor workshop at the end of their NETP year.

    For further details regarding the preceptor programme please see the preceptorship and supervision page.

    Professional development and recognition programme (PDRP)

    Capital and Coast District health Board recognise the value nursing has within the organisation and are committed to ensuring that nursing practice is current and evidenced based. As part of this commitment CCDHB support nurse progression through the PDRP - a system that is designed to recognise differing levels of nursing practice (from beginning practitioner to expert) within clinical areas and the organisation at large. NETP graduates enter the PDRP as beginning practitioners however at the end of their NETP programme graduates will have demonstrated competent nursing practice - the next level on the PDRP.

    For more information regarding the PDRP please see the Professional Development Recognition Programme page.

    Ensure your portfolio is correctly composed using the content requirements and templates listed below:

    1. NETP competent portfolio assessment tool
    2. PDRP application letter
    3. Copy of APC (both sides)
    4. Role descriptions
    5. NETP 6 month appraisal
    6. Full self and peer assessment 
    7. Evidence of practice hours
    8. Professional development record
    9. NETP professional development plan
    10. Professional development career plan
    11. Academic transcript
    12. C.V. (optional)
    13. Evidence of at least 8 clinical visits from NETP Coordinator
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