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Career Planning

Attention Nurses

Health Workforce (HW) Funding 2020

Seeking HW funding for study in 2020? A career conversation is required. These conversations support career planning and prioritised workforce development in line with CCDHB's priorities.

Do the following 2 things:

1. Go to the HW postgraduate study funding page to find out about the funding process, application criteria, what the funding covers and what you need to to do apply.

2. Career planning enables the following to be discussed:

  • Where you work and your current level on the PDRP
  • What papers you have already and what you with to study
  • Whether your current role requires this level of education
  • What your future career aspirations are
  • Alignment of your plan with the Regional Services Plan & CCDHB Nursing & Midwifery Priority Goals & Objectives 2018-2021

Usually career planning occurs with your Manager and Educator. To assist this process, the CNO Office would like to discuss your career plan with you.


Make an appointment for a career conversation with one of the following people and bring:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Professional Development and Career Plan
  • Your PDRP portfolio

If you are studying beyond a PG diploma contact - or

For all others - or (NETP only)

Participation on a PDRP is required for funding

Download HW Funding Flyer here for more information

Career pathways

These pathways show the scope and stages of role development for nurses, from pre-registration through to Nurse Practitioner or advanced enrolled nursing practices:

Professional development career planning

The Ministry of Health and CCDHB require all health professionals and staff to have a career plan in place. A career Plan reflects your values, choices, goals, actions and its part of your professional development.

The Career Planning Guide will take you through the career planning process and how to develop a career plan.

Use the Professional Development and Career Plan (PDCP) to record your goals and action plan. The Professional Development and Career Plan replaces the former Professional Development Plan and is used across the central region by nursing professionals.

The Midwifery Performance Appraisal and Development form is used for midwives to record their goals and action plan. This document is used across the 6 DHBs of the central region.

Last updated 1 August 2019.