Professional development is an important workforce focus across primary, secondary and tertiary services.

Our professional development process aims to give you all of the information you need, in the order it needs to be completed in so you can get the most from your professional development opportunities, gain funding for development, and manage your career pathway.

Step 1: Career Planning and performance apprasials 

The Ministry of Health and CCDHB require all health professionals and staff to have a career plan in place. A career plan reflects your values, choices, goals and actions and is part of your professional development.

The Midwifery Performance Appraisal and Development form is used by midwives to record their goals and action plan. This document is used across the 6 DHBs of the central region.

Step 2: Midwifery Quality and Leadership programme (QLP)

The Quality and Leadership Programme (QLP) is the national career pathway for employed midwives which is easily transferrable between DHBs.

There are three domains of practice

  • Competent –A midwife who is competent to practise but needs to develop skills and experience to function effectively in the role. This includes new graduates, new staff members, return to practice midwives and overseas midwives with conditions on their practising certificates. Midwives are encouraged to progress to the confident domain after their first year of practice.
  • Confident – A midwife with the necessary skills and experience to function confidently within their employed practice area. Midwives on the confident domain will have a minimum of 12 months’ clinical practice experience and no conditions on their annual practising certificate.
  • Leadership – A midwife with significant midwifery experience who acts as a role model and resource within the maternity service. These midwives take a lead role in quality improvement, innovation and practice development within their practice area.

Applying for domains 

All midwives will be appointed to the competent domain until they decide to submit their portfolio for progression to the confident or leadership domain.

Progression and revalidation

  • Confident – to remain on the confident domain the midwife must ensure that she has a current performance appraisal. The midwife’s portfolio is revalidated at the time of her annual performance appraisal.
  • Leadership – to remain on the leadership domain the midwife must ensure that she has an annual performance appraisal. The midwife’s portfolio must be resubmitted to the Clinical Midwife Specialist for revalidation every three years.

QLP Portfolio days 

Clause 27.7 of the MECA and Part Five (h) of the MERAS MECA  entitles staff working on preparing a portfolio, obtaining or maintaining skill levels associated with the QLP to additional leave in order to undertake research or study associated with meeting the QLP requirements...(Confident 1 day p.a., leadership 2 days p.a.) This means you can take leave to obtain or maintain your QLP level. The days are for research or study (including writing up your research or study) associated with meeting QLP requirements and does not include the preparation of the actual portfolio.

Who to contact

For advice or to submit a completed portfolio contact Emma Adams

QLP documents

  1. QLP Revision November 2014
  2. QLP Application Form
  3. QLP Assessment Form Confident Domain
  4. QLP Assessment Form Leadership Domain
  5. QLP Leadership Peer Review Form
  6. QLP Leadership Activity Report
  7. Generic Midwife Role Description
  8. Midwife Performance Appraisal Form

Step 3: Professional development funding

Midwives can apply for professional development funding (incl. MERAS CPD and access scholarship links).

Read more about what is available

Step 4: Post-graduate study for midwives

Midwives who are interested in furthering their education through post graduate study can apply for professional funding through the New Zealand College of Midwives. 

Read more about what is available


Last updated 17 October 2022.