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Nehi me Nehi Whanau Whainga Matua 2018-2021

Each high priority goal and associated objectives will have activities and work plan across the integrated health system
People experience
  • Advance the quality and safety of every healthcare experience
  • Enable a responsive, accessible health system with engaged users
  • Ensure consumer satisfaction and people/whānau led well being
Population Health
  • Improve health and equity for Māori & Pasifika and high need populations
  • Invest in supporting healthy communities
  • Focus on prenatal, maternal, child, youth, older adults and mental health wellbeing
Living within our means
  • Strengthen preventative health care and self-care/management
  • Lead use of smart systems in health care1
  • Develop models of care that support hospital avoidance & shorter safer hospital journey
  • Integrate health systems that support simplified and intensified services designed for service users
  • Deliver care that is closer to home, in localities, through community health and support networks
  • Develop nursing & midwifery workforce strategy, frameworks, & plans to optimise workforce capability2
  • Attain Māori & Pacific representation in all workforces (13% Māori, 9% Pacific)
  • Foster healthy, safe work environments with culture that sustains & retains workforce
  • Strengthen leadership development including Māori & Pacific, & interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Cultivate skill and scope development, expanded practice and skill sharing (EN; RM; RN; RN prescribing; Nurse Practitioner)
  • Progress well supported undergraduate and new entrants into workforce3

1 TrendCare, CCDM, mobile devices, integrated e-records, secure messaging, data, apps
3CLE, DEU, PDRP, QLP, CD systems

Last updated 17 January 2019.