The CEDOR Tissue Bank stores samples of blood and other tissue for future research. This means when new ideas and therapies arise we have a store of samples we can call upon without having to get people to come in and give blood. Our tissue bank is approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee and is governed by a group of DHB staff. Donated samples are never used for commercial research. If you have donated a sample to the tissue bank, perhaps through a recent study, this is where you can find out more information about studies happening using that donation. We use different types of blood and different populations for different studies.

After a study is done using these donated samples we usually send the results to people whose blood or tissue was used in that study. We can only send these out to the address we have on file, so if you want to have your address updated when you move, please email us on and let us know your new address.

We will also put study results on this website so you can check in here. Sometimes it takes many years however to get to this stage in the process!

If you have given a donation of blood or other tissue and change your mind then you can get that sample back or have it destroyed as you wish. Give us an email as above or phone 806 2458 and we can facilitate this process for you.

We would like to thank everyone who gives a gift or taonga in this way, it is truly appreciated and helps us to plan research for the future of diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Last updated 24 April 2018.