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We wish to find out what children with disabilities enjoy doing in a park. We also want to find out if there is anything that stops children from joining in, playing or having fun in a park.

We wish to hear from children who have a disability and their parents /caregivers. Children can have any of the following impairments: physical, hearing, vision, intellectual, speaking, learning, and developmental delay

Children will receive a certificate of participation and a small gift (e.g. book) for taking part in the study. The interviews will be held in your nearby public park and it will last about an hour

Please contact: Meredith Perry, School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, Wellington. Phone: (04) 385 5357; E-mail:

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee, (Health). Reference: H16/119

Last updated 2 May 2017.