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RAG-M is a sub committee of the Māori Partnership Board (MPB). MPB is the Māori relationship board to Capital & Coast District Health Board (CCDHB) and is mandated by Mana Whenua (Te Atiawa, Ngati Toa and Te Atiawa ki Whakarongotai).

MPB identified a gap in Māori advice to researchers in the district and RAG-M was established in June 2007 to provide a more effective engagement point for researchers requiring Māori advice and input.


The purpose of RAG-M is to provide a mechanism to engage representatives of the Māori community and provide researchers with a timely response and an opportunity to have their research proposals considered from a Māori perspective.


Independent researchers with a clinical background and iwi representatives from MPB

RAG-M Application Form - This form MUST be completed and submitted with each application

RAG-M Fees - These forms MUST be completed and submitted with each application

Framework for Māori review of Research in District Health Boards

Māori review of research is a legislative and ethical requirement for research conducted in District Health Boards (DHBs) in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Standardising the Māori review process across DHBs will likely increase efficiency of time, energy and resource and improve national consistency while still allowing for consideration of local context and collaboration with Māori in each DHB region.

A Framework for Māori Review of Research in DHB’s was a project sought to determine the processes currently in place in each of the twenty DHB regions and to develop a draft national framework for Māori review of research.

Please contact the RAG-M office for this document for guidance on completing the online application form and meeting the minimum requirements for Māori consultation.

Meeting dates for 2020

All applications must be complete and received by the RAG-M no later than two weeks prior to the meeting dates.

An application and fees form MUST be submitted with each application.


Application Due Meeting Date Expected Response
4 March 18 March 1 April
8 April 15 April 29 April
13 May 20 May 3 June
10 June 17 June 1 July
8 July 15 July 29 July
12 August 19 August 2 September
9 September 16 September 30 September
14 October 21 October 4 November
11 November 18 November 2 December


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Please contact the RAG-M office for a CCHDB Funds Transfer Form which needs to be completed for all internal applications.

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