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We want you!

  • Are you looking to start your nursing career within the hospital, primary or aged and residential care settings in the Wellington district?
  • Are you a Māori or Pacific graduate? Looking after our Māori and Pacific populations is a priority for CCDHB and this is reflected in equitable employment opportunities for nurses who identify as Māori and Pacific.
  • Do you want to continue your postgraduate studies in a supported first year of practice Nurse Entry to Practice Programme?


Employment opportunities 

CCDHB employs graduate nurses throughout the year through the NETP programme. The programme has start dates in January and August and you can be employed prior to these dates and join the programme.

You will be employed on a fixed term contract to coincide with the programme start dates and work in one of your chosen practice settings. Contracts are either 32 or 36 hours per week (depending on whether the area works 8 - 12 hour shifts). 


If you are a New Zealand (NZ) trained registered nurse who has completed a Bachelor of Nursing in NZ (or are about to), we invite you to apply via Advanced Choice or Employment (ACE). To be eligible to apply to ACE the following criteria applies:

  • either be a NZ or Australian Citizen or hold a Permanent Resident Visa or a Returning Resident Visa
  • be in the final year of a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) leading to registration as a RN or be awarded a BN degree approved by the NCNZ leading to registration as a RN no longer than 24 months before starting on a NETP/NESP programme.
  • you must have completed your BN degree in NZ and have passed your state final exam no more than 2 years prior to starting on a NETP/NESP programme. You therefore have up to four opportunities to apply via ACE provided you still meet all eligibility criterions each time you apply
  • you must have not practised as a NZ RN continuously (full time 0.8FTE or more) for longer than six months before starting on the NETP programme.

What CCDHB offers

As a teaching hospital, continuing nursing education is supported through the senior nursing team in your area and through clinical load sharing and support from the NETP Coordinator, Clinical Coach, and University Lecturer.

We have a Māori and Pacific Equity Workforce Pathway outlining academic, cultural and mentoring support to ensure your success. There is also a Māori and Pacific Nurse Leaders group to fast track your progression.

Aim of NETP Programme

The aim of the NETP programme is to support graduates with professional development to transition from graduate to competent registered nurse.

CCDHB offers a postgraduate paper within the NETP programme and on successful completion of the programme graduates demonstrate competent nursing practice as evidenced in a Professional Development and Recognition programme (PDRP) portfolio.

The key focus of the Victoria University of Wellington paper is physical health assessment and clinical judgement. You will be prioritised to complete the postgraduate certificate in the following year if you wish.


Data below shows numbers of new graduates employed into the NETP and Nursing Entry to Specialty Practice (NESP) intakes since 2016.

 NETPNESPTotal per year

January 2021


January 2020

August 2020

Total 2020











102 YTD



January 2019

August 2019

Total 2019









January 2018

August 2018

Total 2018









January 2017
June 2017

August 2017

Total 2017











January 2016

August 2016

Total 2016













NETP Programme opportunities

The number of places on the NETP programme varies based on protected roles and vacancies across the Hospital, Primary Healthcare, and Aged and Residential care settings.

How to apply

We invite you to apply via ACE ( it's important to apply correctly so please follow the ACE instructions carefully.

You can select up to 5 practice areas of interest in your ACE application. Please also indicate your preferred area in your cover letter and why it appeals.

We try hard to match you to your preferred practice area even if that area is not currently recruiting. We will consider you for other roles and discuss this with you prior to appointment. We also have a talent pool so you will be considered for other graduate roles throughout the year.

Expected August 2021 NETP recruitment areas are:

Likely areas seeking graduates include:Aged and Residential Care

  • Primary Healthcare
  • General Medicine Service: Dialysis Units, Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU), 5 South (general medicine)
  • Surgical service: Surgical Assessment and Planning Unit (SAPU), Ward 7 Kenepuru Hospital
  • Cardiac care including coronary care: 6 South (Heart and Lung/cardiology and cardiothoracic)
  • Peri-operative and Theatres: Operating Theatres, Second Stage Recovery/Surgical Admissions Unit (SSR/SAU)
  • Emergency and Trauma: Emergency Department Observation unit (EDOU)
  • Health of Older Persons within DHB: Ward 4 and 5 Kenepuru Hospital
  • Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation: Ward 6 Kenepuru, ABI Rehabilitation Services
  • Oncology: 5 North (Oncology, Haematology and Renal)

The Interview

Interviews for the August 2021 NETP Programme are on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

All invited candidates will be required to attend the interviews in person at Wellington Hospital.  We will not be offering Zoom or phone interviews.


Interview invitation

Invitations to interview at CCDHB will be emailed on May 20th with a short acceptance/reply time frame. 

All invited candidates will be required to attend the interviews in person at Wellington Hospital.  We will not be offering Zoom or phone interviews.

Information will be sent to you with the invitation about how to prepare for your interview. 

Interview Process

You are welcome to bring whanāu support to the interview. The interview process consists of a welcome to graduates and whanāu, followed by an interview and a simulated scenario. Scenarios require you to be present, so virtual interviews are not possible. 

NETP Pre-interview video

Please watch this video to learn more about the interview process. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions during the interview. Good luck!


NETP Programme Start

Successful applicants will commence the August 2021 NETP Programme on 30 August, 2021. Recruitment into the NETP programme is ongoing throughout the year through the ACE talent pool. 


We want you to work with us so please contact us for further information about the NETP Programme and recruitment via our NETP website or through the NETP Coordinators:

Steph White

NETP Coordinator     

Phone: 04 806 0545 or 027 271 8761  


Kirimoana Pook

NETP Coordinator and Cultural Support

Phone: 04 806 2377 or 027 620 9674


Jasmine Governor

NETP Clinical Coach

Phone: 04 806 2390 or 027 304 7910






Last updated 18 May 2021.