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Rebuild the Foundation for a Resilient Workforce

Thursday 13th September

Start 9am

Horne Lecture Theatre

Level 12 Ward Support Block

Wellington Regional Hospital 

Patient care teams must navigate an increasingly challenging work environment. Uncertainty about the future, the rapid pace of change, and more complex patients are leaving staff feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Around the world, even the most resilient nurses report feeling stressed, overworked, or even burned out. Many are considering leaving the profession altogether.

To ensure staff can function well in a challenging work environment, leaders must address the “cracks in the foundation” that undermine nurses’ resilience and contribute to stress and burnout.

At this session, attendees will learn:

  • The “cracks in the foundation” of nursing’s practice environment requiring attention to support nurses’ resilience
  • Executive strategies to mend the foundational “cracks” that are most acute at your organisation
  • A playbook for rebuilding a strong foundation that allows nurses to flourish as resilient clinicians

Flyer below along with directions to Level 12 Ward support block

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Last updated 31 July 2018.