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What to bring

You may wish to bring familiar items from home to help settle your child. These might include:

  • your child’s favourite toy, DVD or game
  • for younger children, their Well Child/Tamariki Ora Health book
  • basic toiletries for yourself and your child
  • special bottles or teats (sterile, disposable bottles and teats are provided)
  • comfortable clothing and clean pyjamas (hospital ones will be provided)
  • food for yourself
  • your child’s usual medications – for safety reasons, please give these to your child’s nurse.


We can provide disposable nappies for children to use while on the ward – please tell your child’s nurse what size your child needs.

Security and valuables

There are no secure lockers available in patient rooms. We try to make the wards as safe as possible but recommend that you do not leave valuables unattended.

Staying overnight with your child

  • One parent or caregiver is welcome to stay overnight. 
  • Siblings or other children may not stay overnight. 
  • We ask you to put parent beds/sofa beds away each morning by 8am for cleaning and safety reasons. 
  • We support a safe sleeping environment and therefore do not allow parents or caregivers to sleep in the same bed as their child.
  • Please help yourself to linen and towels (but only take what you need) from the linen cupboards – these are large white cupboards located in the corridor. Ask your child’s nurse if you need help.
  • If you leave the ward, please tell your child’s nurse in case they need to contact you or your child needs you.


Children’s bathrooms

Children’s bathrooms are located near the children’s play area on Ward one and activity area on Ward two. There are wheelchair accessible toilets and showers on both wards, as well as baby/toddler baths on Ward one. If you need a portable baby bath, please ask your child’s nurse.

Parents and caregivers’ bathrooms

Bathrooms for parents and caregivers are located by the main entrance doors to each ward. Each ward has one toilet and one combined shower and toilet. If the shower is busy, there is another shower next to the children’s bathroom on Ward 1 that parents and caregivers may use.

Meals and drinks

Children’s meals

Your child will be provided with meals throughout their stay in hospital.

If they have any special dietary requirements, please tell their nurse. We will do our best to meet these but there may be times you need to provide food.

We provide standard baby formula.

Parent's meals

We are only able to provide meals for mothers of babies up to 6 months old who are breastfeeding. All other family must provide their own meals.

Snacks such as bread and fruit are freely available to parents staying with children. For parents staying overnight, toast and cereal is available for breakfast on the wards.

A snack trolley visits Ward 1 between 10 and 11am Monday to Friday selling food and cold drinks.

Family and whānau are welcome to eat food on the ward brought from home or elsewhere. There is a fridge and microwave in the kitchen you may use. See our parent notice board for opening hours for places close to the hospital to buy food.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks are not available on the wards but are freely available from the Ronald McDonald Room or Hospi Room – see details below. All hot drinks must have a secure lid before being brought into the wards. This is to prevent spills and possible burns.

Ronald McDonald Room and Hospi Room

Ronald McDonald Room

This room is open from 10am to 8.45pm (depending on the availability of the volunteers who run it). You must obtain a card from your child's nurse or the ward clerk to access the room. It is located on level four along the hall from the Ward two entrance.

Its purpose is to provide parents and caregivers with an area to have a break, siblings are welcome however patients are not permitted to enter the Ronald McDonald Room. Tea and coffee are available, as well as a rest area and washing machine and dryer.

Hospi Room

This room is open from 8pm to 11am for parents and caregivers to have a break and make themselves a free hot drink. It is located on level three outside Ward one. To get into the room you need a pin code, available on the ward notice board by the nursing station in each ward. The code changes regularly.


Parents and caregivers are welcome to visit at any time during the day and evening but only one person can stay overnight. (See above – Staying overnight with your child).

Other visitors are welcome (with the approval of the child’s parent or caregiver) between 8am and 7:30pm for Ward one and between 8am and 8pm for Ward two. Ward one has a quiet time between 1pm and 3pm.

Visiting children must be supervised at all times by an adult. If your child is in isolation, we request that no other children visit – this is to prevent infection.

The doors to the wards are locked between 8pm and 6:30am. During these times you can access the ward using the intercom system at the entrance doors. If the nurses on duty don’t recognise you they may ask you who you are visiting.


Mobile phones can be used on the wards. Please respect other families and sleeping children by keeping your voice down when talking on the phone.

There are free phones available on each ward for parents to use to make local calls. It is not possible to make calls to mobile phones or landlines out of the Wellington region on these phones.

Play areas and play specialists

Each ward has a play area with age appropriate toys and activities. The Ward one play room is open from 8am to 7pm and the Ward two activity area is open from 8am to 8pm. Siblings are welcome to use the areas but must be supervised.

If you bring movies or TV programmes from home, these must be G rated for Ward one and G or PG rated for Ward two as they must be suitable for all children on the ward.

We have two play specialists who work from 8am to 2pm Monday to Friday on Ward 1 and 2. The play specialist uses play and distraction to help your child manage stressful or upsetting procedures. They also provide general play activities for children in the wards.

Missing school

If your school-age child is going to be in hospital for longer than 2 weeks or discharged home but still unable to return to school, we will refer them to the ward school teacher who is part of the Central Regional Health School.

Last updated 1 October 2019.