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Our services for your tamariki / mokopuna (children)

Staff at the Wellington Regional Children's Hospital

Our team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals care for tamariki / mokopuna (children) needing specialist medical and surgical care. We provide the following services

Read more about Child Development Services on this page

It is FREE for most children who live in New Zealand to be seen at Wellington Children’s Hospital services.   If you are unsure if your child will get free healthcare  click here


Your taitamaiti / mokopuna (child’s) visit

Your doctor, another health professional or our emergency department will have recommended / referred your child to us.

Even if your child seems well at the time of your appointment, it is still important they see us.  Our assessment and treatment will support you to keep your child well. 

If you can’t make your appointment, please let us know so we can find another time for you.

Contact Children’s Hospital Services  

Contact Children's Hospital Services

Children’s Day Ward

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 5041

Children’s Clinic Service

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 82476

Ward one

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 5519

Ward two

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 5518

Kenepuru Child Health

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 7003

Mother and daughter

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Email us about out-patient appointments

Email us if you have a question that isn’t urgent


Wellington Children’s Hospital (In-patients)

Wellington Regional Hospital main building

Wellington hospital main building

Children’s Day ward - Level 3 Wellington Children's Hospital 

We look after children who need tests, treatments and day stay operations. We are open from 7am Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


If you would like information on anaesthesia for tamariki/mokupuna/children, please read our brochure when your child needs anaesthesia.


Phone 04 385 5999 ext 5041

Parent information

Children's Day Ward information sheet

When your child needs anaesthesia brochure

Ward 1 - Level 3 Wellington Children's Hospital

In ward 1, we look after children with medical conditions who need specialist medical care.


Phone 04 385 5999   ext 5519

Parent information

Ward 1 parent/caregiver information sheet

Ward 2 - Level 4 of Wellington Children’s Hospital

In ward 2, we look after children who need surgery, surgical care and cancer services. 


If you would like information on anaesthesia and sedation for tamariki/mokupuna/children, please read our brochure when your child needs anaesthesia.

Phone 04 385 5999 ext 5518

Parent information

Ward 2 parent/caregiver information sheet

When your child needs anaesthesia brochure


Finding us  Map icon

Children Hospital Entrance

The Children’s Hospital is behind the main Wellington Regional Hospital building (the new Children’s Hospital building is not open yet).    

You can get to Wellington Regional Hospital by walking, cycle, bus, taxi and car. Read more information

You can get to Wellington Children’s hospital through the Children’s hospital front entrance or through the Wellington Regional hospital main building.

If you come through the main hospital building, follow the orange line, Hospi images and pawprints to the Children’s Hospital level 3 entrance. 

If you need any extra help to find us head to the volunteer’s station or the reception desk, both are located in the main entrance way (atrium).   


There is limited street parking around the hospital.  If you need hospital parking, you can park in the public hospital car parks, including the underground carpark. There is a cost for parking within the hospital.  Please note, to get to the Children’s hospital carpark enter at hospital road.  View a map showing the location of public parking (green areas) and mobility parking Mobility icon

Please allow extra time for car parking and bring a credit card or coins for the parking machines within the hospital. 

After their first night’s stay, each whānau/ family can request one free parking ticket per day for the underground hospital car park – please ask your child’s nurse for more information.


Wellington Children’s Clinics (Out-patients)

Grace Neill Block Level 5 entrance

Grace Neill Block (GNB) Level 5 entrance



The Children’s Clinics provide outpatient appointments with paediatricians (child specialist doctors) and carry out procedures including blood tests, allergy tests and treatments. 

Children’s Clinics are also held at Kenepuru.  See the information on Kenepuru Child Health for more details.


Phone 04 385 5999 ext 82476

Finding usMap icon


The Wellington Children’s Clinics (Paediatric out-patients) are on level 5 of the Grace Neill Block (GNB) behind the main hospital building.  You can get to us via the Wellington Regional Hospital front entrance or via the GNB level 5 entrance. 


If you come via the main hospital building, take the escalator or orange lift in the atrium to level 3, then take the link bridge to the Grace Neil Block (GNB) and the yellow lift or stairs in GNB to level 5.  View further instructions and a map to GNB

Paediatric (Children’s) Community Team

The Paediatric (Children’s) Community Team are paediatric (children’s specialist) nurses based at Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals providing nursing care and support. Clinics are held in a range of locations. 

Parent information

Paediatric (Children’s) Community Team information sheet


Kenepuru Child Health, Porirua

Kenepuru Community Hospital

The Child health team at Kenepuru Community Hospital in Porirua provide acute assessment and children’s clinics for children who live north of Johnsonville and up the Kāpiti Coast.  

Phone 04  5999 ext 7003

Finding us  Map icon

You can get to Kenepuru Community Hospital by walking, cycle, bus, taxi and car.  Read more information  

The Child Health team are located within the main hospital building, not far from the main entrance.  View a map of Kenepuru Community Hospital Te Hōhipera O KenepuruRead more about Kenepuru hospital and visiting information.

If you need any extra help to find our services, hospital volunteers are available at the main entrance.


Parking is free at Kenepuru Hospital.  Patient and visitor parking is at the front of the hospital

Free shuttles between Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals

There is a free shuttle between Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals for patients and their caregivers/visitors.  This service needs to be booked, preferably at least one hour before you intend to travel.   Read more about the shuttle service.

Children’s health recommended websites

If you want more information about children’s health conditions, tests, treatments, medicines and support available the following websites are recommended by our service.

Kids Health NZ logoKids Health NZ:  provides advice and guidance on common conditions and treatments.  Access KidsHealth
Health navigator NZ logo

Health Navigator NZ: provides advice and guidance on health conditions and medications.  NZ Health Navigator is regularly updated with the latest clinical information. 
Access Health Navigator

Health Ed logo

Health Ed NZ: a catalogue of free health resources, many in multiple languages and NZ sign language from the NZ Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and the Ministry of Health (MoH). 

Access Health Ed


Support using our services

Wellington and Kenepuru Hospitals provide a range of support services to patients and whānau using our services including cultural and disability access services. 

Read more about support services at Wellington Regional Hospital

Read more about support services at Kenepuru Community Hospital

Read about what supports we provide people with disabilities  


Hospi the lion, children











Hospi the lion and a friend

Hospi the Lion is the official mascot of Wellington Children’s Hospital.  You will see Hospi and his paw prints on the walls all around Wellington and Kenepuru Hospital.   You might get a visit from Hospi, as thanks to Wellington Hospitals Foundation, as he visits Wellington Children’s Hospital wards twice weekly.



Complaints and compliments

We welcome your feedback.  If you’re not happy with anything please let us know during your visit.  You can give us feedback at anytime using our feedback form

Last updated 30 October 2020.