Maternity care is an essential service.  All your maternity care will still be provided. However, to protect you, your baby and your whānau, some changes may happen during Covid restrictions. Read information about any changes to our services

COVID-19 Vaccination for hapū māmā

For information for hapū māmā, pregnant women about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.



You are pregnant with COVID-19

Please see information on this link  

If you are COVID positive and concerned about your health please contact your GP and your LMC (midwife or Doctor), for any emergency such as severe trouble breathing ring 111 for an ambulance.  

Giving birth at hospital

Once you are in labour, ring your Lead Maternity Carer (midwife or doctor) to arrange your admission.  They’ll run through some screening questions with you and work with hospital staff to make arrangements for your arrival.

If you’re feeling sick, please let your midwife or doctor know and they will ensure that staff take the appropriate precautions.

Refer to 2DHB COVID-19 FAQs for pregnant people

After your baby is born

After your baby is born, the midwifery and nursing team will support you to care for your new baby and prepare to go home.

Once home, you will still have appointments with your midwife or doctor. 


We know that having a baby is a wonderful and exciting experience that you want to share.

Read more about current visiting arrangements at our hospitals

During the time that people are visiting you, we ask that they remain with you as much as possible to reduce movement of people around and in and out of the ward. They should not use your bathroom but use the visitor bathroom on the ward. 

Please remember that all District Health Board campuses are SmokeFree.

More information

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Last updated 5 April 2022.