There are three maternity facilities within the region:
  • Wellington Regional Hospital
  • Kenepuru Maternity Unit
  • Paraparaumu Maternity Unit.

Well pregnant people with normal healthy pregnancies are encouraged to consider having their babies in a primary birthing setting. There are known benefits to primary birthing for women and no differences in outcomes for babies based on New Zealand and international birthing outcomes. Evidence suggests that women’s experience and outcomes are better when a well woman, with a healthy baby, chooses to labour and birth in a primary maternity facility.

Kenepuru and Paraparaumu Maternity Units are primary birthing units, where you can have a natural birth without intervention, with a midwife in attendance. You will work with your midwife using massage, water or heat to manage your labour and birth. You will be transferred to Wellington Hospital from the primary units if the need arises in labour.

Primary birthing options in central Wellington are currently limited. The Birthing Suite at Wellington Hospital has a Koru room which was developed to support women who want a primary birth.

Pain relief and gas are available at all hospital facilities.

Wellington Regional Hospital provides maternity facilities for all pregnant people, ranging from healthy low risk pregnant people under LMC care, to women requiring tertiary/specialist services for complex obstetric and/or medical needs in pregnancy. 

Maternity care charges

New Zealand citizens or those who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to publicly funded healthcare.

Non-residents may be required to pay for their healthcare. If you were not born in New Zealand and have not previously shown evidence of residency you should bring your passport with you on your first visit to the hospital for verification. 

To check if you will need to pay visit the Ministry of Health website


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