Residential care

Where can I get information about long-term residential care for an older person?

Seniorline website gives comprehensive information.

Age Concern also has information on its website.

The Ministry of Health website has information in their Health of older people/long-term residential care section.

How do I know which facility has a vacancy?

Eldernet has a list of available beds by facility, locality, and by level of care – updated regularly.

Capital Coast Service Coordination Centre can assist with information.

Phone: 0800 282 200 or (04) 238 2020

Where can I access the quality audit reports for CCDHB residential care facilities?

The Ministry of Health publishes summaries of recent audit reports for the general public - see the Rest home certification and audits page (external link) on the ministry's website

What services are covered by the DHB contract for residential care?

There is a national contract that all district health boards (DHBs) use as a basis for contracting and funding local service providers.

You can view the national template contract here.

Section D of the contract describes the services that will be provided to residents assessed as needing long-term care.

Where can I go for information about additional charges?

Seniorline website 

Seniorline: 0800 725 463

Last updated 28 November 2016.