We want to help people in Upper Hutt access healthcare for minor illnesses where and when they need it. 


A new pilot scheme has launched in Upper Hutt to enable eligible people to access some free medicines from selected local pharmacies.

The 12-month pilot is designed to help people with minor illnesses to access healthcare and is available for anyone:

  • Under 14yrs old

  • With a community services card 


The conditions that pharmacists can help you with include:

  • skin ailments (nits, eczema, scabies, fungal infections)

  • eye inflammation

  • dehydration (usually from vomiting and diarhhoea).


The participating pharmacy locations are: 

  • Lagans Pharmacy

  • Queen St Pharmacy

  • Unichem Maidstone Pharmacy

  • Unichem Upper Hutt Health Pharmacy

  • Unichem Upper Hutt Pharmacy


The opening hours and addresses for these pharmacies can be found on HealthPoint

A pharmacist can provide advice on, and treat, common and minor illnesses with a range of medications. The pharmacist will refer patients to a GP or other health care service if the patient’s condition requires it.



Last updated 19 December 2022.