Our long-term Māori Health Strategy goes further than previous strategies by challenging our organisation to rebuild itself as a pro-equity organisation from the ground up. Only then will we be able to achieve better health outcomes for Māori.

Developed by the Māori Health Development Group under the korowai of the Māori Partnership Board and the CCDHB board, Taurite ora is more than just a strategy - it sets out an action plan for how it sees its aims being achieved. It represents a wero / challenge for CCDHB - to collaborate with our workforce, Māori partners, iwi, communities and whānau to become a truly pro-equity organisation.

Taurite Ora acknowledges that current systems, policies and services support inequity, and that structural inequities are at the heart of worse health outcomes for Māori across the board, including a lifespan five years shorter on average than non-Māori.

In understanding what is not working, it explores what needs to change. 

It pinpoints equity, workforce and commissioning as areas where real change can be achieved. It lays out how, when equity as a value truly underpins everything we do, when workforce development transforms our systems, and when commissioning of services is addressed through funding, meaningful change can be achieved.

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Accompanying the report is a robust data set which delves into population trends of health and wellbeing, maps the gaps of where the system is failing Māori, and explores the potential for impact of three strategic priorities.

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Last updated 20 November 2019.