As part of our commitment to reducing inequities experienced by Pacific communities, we commissioned a Pacific population health profile. This describes the health needs of Pacific peoples in the CCDHB and in the wider Wellington regions as well as how they use health services. 

The aim of this population health profile is to:

  • Build a robust evidence base for Pacific health that will support health services to identify areas where Pacific health outcomes can be improved.
  • Better inform where we locate and integrate services for Pacific populations across the wider Wellington region.
  • Provide Pacific communities with up-to-date and relevant information about their health status to better inform community-driven (population health) activities.
  • Provide information to support sharing of knowledge and information across sectors for Pacific populations.
  • Develop an evidence base to inform how different sectors work together to address the social determinants of health for Pacific populations.

This profile establishes a baseline of Pacific health data that will be built on as new information becomes available.

Read the Pacific Population Health Profile

Last updated 17 December 2019.