Published Thursday 27 Oct 2022

World Stroke Day on Sat 29 October reminds us of the steps to identify a stroke. Learn the four FAST signs. Say it is a stroke and save precious time for those you love.

World Stroke Day is an opportunity every year to raise awareness of the serious nature and high rates of stroke and talk about ways in which we can reduce the burden of stroke through better public awareness of the risk factors and signs of stroke.

It is also an opportunity to advocate for action by decision makers at global, regional and national levels that are essential to improve stroke prevention, access to acute treatment and support for survivors and caregivers.

The 2022 campaign is focussing on raising awareness of the signs of stroke and the need for timely access to quality stroke treatment.  

Stroke is a complex medical issue. But there are ways to significantly reduce its impact. Recognizing the signs of stroke early, treating it as a medical emergency, with admission to a specialized stroke unit, and access to the best professional care can substantially improve outcomes.

Signs of a stroke

The main symptoms of stroke can be remembered and checked with the word FAST.

  • Face – is the face drooping to one side
  • Arms – is there a weakness in one arm
  • Speech – is speech slurred or garbled
  • Time – if these symptoms are present it is time to call emergency services


The world stroke organisation have developed some fun resources to help identify the four signs of strokes.

Saving time

  • Find a clock –this could be an iconic clock in your city, the train station clock on your commute, or even the watch on the end of your wrist.
  • Take a selfie with the clock in the background (or get someone to take a photo of you if you want to avoid the awkward angles!)
  • Head over to to create and download a bespoke message about the importance of knowing the signs of stroke. (I’ve attached our publicity shot as an example)

Viral Stroke Spotter game – how quick are you?

There is an on-line stroke spotting game that aims to raise public awareness of the signs of stroke, communicate the importance of this years’ hashtag #Precioustime.

So create a bit of fun competition between you and your friends and send them the link. Head to and play the game to the end – the game gets faster and levelling up highlights balance/dizziness and eyesight changes.

More Information

Learn more about stroke at