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Published Tuesday 8 Dec 2020

CCDHB congratulates Ora Toa and Partners Porirua on their successful bid to become the Youth One Stop Shop (YOSS) youth health services provider in Porirua.

Members of the #YouthQuake panel, CCDHB commissioning team and Ministry of Health look forward to partnering with Ora Toa and Partners Porirua to establish Youth One Stop Shop health services in Porirua.

  • Front row: Alistair Paiti, Patrima Tauira, Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone, Mel Thetadig
  • Middle Row: Molly Katene, Rachel Pearce, Alisha Stapp
  • Back Row: Julia Jones, Darna Appleyard and Simone Sippola

CCDHB Strategy, Planning & Performance (SPP) is the directorate charged with commissioning community health services and Director Rachel Haggerty says the investment in youth services for Porirua is well overdue.

“The YOSS is part of our commitment to improving services and outcomes for youth in Porirua. Our commitment is to outcomes, but it is the youth of Porirua who have defined what they need and want from their health service”.

General Manager Families and Wellbeing Rachel Pearce said the YOSS was designed by Porirua rangatahi and the procurement was led by a youth panel who call themselves #YouthQuake.

“All decisions in the process were supported by #YouthQuake – from writing the formal tender documents, to forming the evaluation panel, to #YouthQuake asking questions directly to applicants.  CCDHB worked with the #YouthQuake panel to co-design a youth-friendly approach to Government procurement, which included ‘reading parties’ to go through the procurement documents, and using presentations and performances to support traditional written stages of the procurement process.”

#YouthQuake panel members held the balance of power in the ultimate decision on who would be the future provider for the YOSS. They made up four out of the six panel voting members and there were two non-voting members from #YouthQuake as well.

Rachel Pearce said Ora Toa and Partners Porirua partnered with a range of Porirua health and social care providers in a way that showed they really understand what a service needs to include to be successful for rangatahi.

“Their bid featured a performance delivered by rangatahi that showed the #YouthQuake how the YOSS would look and feel if they were awarded a contract.” 

The presentation followed a young woman’s journey and her experience at a mainstream GP service where her name was mispronounced and she was sidelined as staff spoke to her mother about her care, rather than her directly.

“Throughout the presentation she wore message boards that showed how she was feeling inside… ‘no one understands’, ‘I can’t be me’, ‘I am ashamed’, ‘no one hears me’, ‘I am unnoticed’.

“After finding out about the YOSS she goes there and finds a bright place where she is welcomed, her name is pronounced correctly and they ask if she goes by any other name. One by one over the interactions with staff and peers at the YOSS the message boards are taken away. ‘That looks heavy, let me take that for you’.”

The Ora Toa and Partners Porirua presentation also demonstrated the tuakana-teina approach the future service would adopt, including to support a new youth-led board to govern the service.

“The co-design approach to procurement and valuing the expertise of rangatahi have ensured that rangatahi in Porirua will immediately feel a connection with their YOSS,” said Rachel.

CCDHB will continue to work with the #YouthQuake panel to design the contract for the new service, which is expected to be executed in late January 2021.