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Published Tuesday 22 Sep 2020

My Health Passport, the second generation Health Passport, has arrived. It includes an Easy Read version and an Express version to ensure it is appropriate for each person who wants one.

My Health Passport is one of the key tools for ensuring people with disabilities who are accessing services receive effective healthcare. It informs clinicians, nurses and others involved in the delivery of your healthcare services how best to accommodate your needs.

Disabled people can choose to share as much or as little of the information as they wish.  It is a mechanism to enable both the disabled person and their support person to communicate the assistance they may require, and is especially useful where a person is unable to describe what they need in times of urgency.

My Health Passport is not a medical record, nor a diagnostic or health management tool. It is a paper document for you to write down any needs you may have or want your health providers to know about you, so you don’t have to explain every time.

My Health Passport is free and are available from the office of the Health and Disability Commission (HDC) and the disability team of the 3 DHB’S:


Phone- 0800 Disability (3472245489)

Text   - 021 578 307

Handing over a health passport  Using a Health Passport at outpatient appointment