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This page contains resources to support community providers across the Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley District Health Board regions. Advice given here is consistent with Ministry of Health advice and intended to guide you as you look after our communities. The Ministry of Health remains the definitive source of information.

Our focus is on ensuring you have the information you need, when you need it, in order for you to care for your staff and the people who depend on your service.

If you have any questions regarding the information or resources on this page, please email COVID-19Questions@ccdhb.org.nz. All emails to the COVID-19 email address will be logged and responded to by an appropriate team member.

Provider network updates

You can read our latest provider network updates below.


Provider update 29 October

  • COVID-19 vaccination update - breastfeeding resources 1 2 3 4
  • Disability Panui
  • Pae Ora (Healthy Futures)
  • PM visits Lower Hutt ‘Super Accessible’ site
  • Health Pathways Webinar – Managing COVID-19 in the community
  • Health NZ and Maori Health Authority Acting Chief Executives announced
  • New Ministry for Disabled People
  • Upcoming changes for returnees in MIQFs
  • Medsafe reviews provisional approval for Pfizer vaccine
  • Wellbeing

Provider update 22 October

  • COVID-19 vaccination update
  • COVID Response Protection Framework - plus attachments Protection System and FAQs
  • MIQF Dedicated Workforce Guidance – plus attachment
  • End of Life Choice Act 2029 Implementation Update
  • My Health Passport
  • Disability Team input into Whakarongarau
  • Healthier Lives webinar – Pathway between research, policy and practice
  • Exemptions for facemasks – plus attachment
  • Age Concern services resume
  • Wellbeing

COVID-19 testing and vaccination update

  • Comirnaty MRNA COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis – plus attachment
  • Mandatory vaccinations for healthcare staff
  • My Covid Record website launched
  • COVID-19 testing, diagnosis, assessment and treatment is free
  • Return To Nursing Practice programme information sessions
  • New Study – Can eating a high quality Aotearoa New Zealand diet improve health and wellbeing?
  • Transition Unit People Panui – plus attachments one and two
  • Ngā Tohu Angitu Celebrating Success Awards – Full list of nominations for both DHBs
  • He Ako Hiringa new Legendary Conversations podcast series online
  • Wellbeing
  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update
  • RPH Medical Officer of Health on Breakfast TV – Life of a contact tracer
  • Advance Care Planning Workshops – plus attachments one, two, and three
  • Macawa ni vosa vakaviti – Fijian language week
  • Participants sought for ACL rehab study
  • Ngā Tohu Angitu Celebrating Success Awards – list of nominations
  • Wellbeing for our tamariki
  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update
  • Information sessions for hesitant Māori
  • Prime Minister Jacinda Adern visits Wainuiomata Marae Vaccination Clinic
  • Upcoming Covid-19 Vaccination Events
  • Reporting covid-19 vaccine misinformation or scams
  • Most routine vaccinations can be given alongside COVID-19 vaccine
  • covid-19 vaccination clinics for hapū māmā – plus attachment
  • Tuvalu Language Week
  • Further changes at the Auckland regional boundary
  • Neurodiversity in the childbirth journey workshop – plus attachment
  • International midwifery campaign launches
  • Masks for communities
  • End of Life Choice Act implementation coming soon  - plus attachment
  • Wellbeing – Optimistic October
  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update
  • Vaccination for high risk groups
  • World Pharmacist Day
  • Exemptions to cross the regional boundary
  • Funerals and tangihanga at Alert Levels 2 and 3 updates
  • Guidance for businesses with ‘at risk’ or immune compromised staff
  • Face coverings, masks and other PPE
  • Microbiology resources for infection diagnostics
  • Updated easy read information
  • Health Sector Reform update
  • Maori Health Review Issue 93 – plus attachment
  • Postgraduate options in health – online information evening
  • Wellbeing – self-care

Provider update 17 September:

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update
  • Metlink offering free services for people travelling to/from a vaccination centre
  • COVID-19 vaccination clinics for hapū māmā to start October 11th – plus attachment
  • COVID-19 vaccination information for hapū māmā
  • 2021 LifeKeepers Awards – congratulations to Carole Koha and Peter Barnett
  • P2/N95 mask use in Alert Level 2
  • Full vaccination trained people can apply as provisional vaccinators – plus attachments one and two
  • Te Wiki o te Reo Māori – plus attachment
  • Nga Tohu Angitu – Celebrating Success Call For Entries
  • COVID-19 wellbeing survey latest results
  • Message of thanks from CE Fionnagh Dougan
  • Wellbeing – self-care

Provider network update 10 September

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update
  • Talking about immunisation – plus attachments
  • RPH guide to contact tracing – plus attachment
  • COVID-19 community response framework updated – plus attachment
  • Maori language moment coming up on Tuesday
  • Racism and bias study for registered nurses and nurse practitioners
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Healthier Lives National Science Challenge – plus attachments
  • Wellbeing for our little people – plus attachments

Provider network update 8 September 

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination update – including shout out to Maraeroa Marae vaccination clinic
  • New rules at Delta Alert Level 2
  • Updated Guidance for Aged Care Providers – plus attachment
  • Information sheet for people who have been tested – plus attachment
  • COVID-19 updates through āwhina app
  • Advice for Whānau at Alert Level 2 – plus attachment
  • Disability community update
  • Mask wearing and exemptions
  • Uike Katoanga’i ‘o e lea Faka-Tonga - Tonga Language Week
  • Health and Disability Sector Review – Update from Transition Unit
  • Feedback sought on content for next Disability Survey
  • Wāhine Connect Registrations Open
  • Pacific Health Review – plus attachment
  • Trusted COVID-19 sources
  • Ngā Tohu Angitu: Celebrating Success 2021 Deadline Extended – plus attachment
  • Five Ways to Wellbeing

Provider network update 3 September 

Provider network update 1 September 

Provider network update 31 August

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccinations update
  • Free rides to vaccinations for seniors
  • Vaka Tautua Pacific language call line and information
  • Hutt Valley Emergency Kai Collective
  • Advice for whānau at Alert Level 3
  • Section 70s updated
  • Updated In-home carer information
  • Guidance for Well Child Tamariki Ora providers – plus attachment
  • Update on mask wearing
  • Wellbeing

Provider network update 30 August

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccinations update
  • Sky Stadium Drive Through Success
  • Maori Vaccination Update – the halo effect
  • Change to the length of standard quarantine period
  • Reminder about masks
  • Wellbeing – looking after our rangatahi, young people
  • Positively Pacific
  • Disability Equity E-learning module available
  • Student volunteer army
  • Family Violence
  • PPE facts and figures
  • Celebrating Success Awards – call for entries plus attachment

Provider network update 27 August 

  • COVID-19 testing and vaccinations update 
  • Sky City drive through vaccination clinic opens Saturday 28th August
  • Vaccinating essential workers
  • Disability resources
  • Advice for in-home carers
  • Guidance for aged care providers
  • Community story - Aroha Care Centre Residents share their “wonderful” vaccination experience
  • Accessing a safe sleep bed at Alert Level 4
  • Shout out to MIQ team
  • Wellbeing – together at home

Provider network update 26 August

  • COVID-19 testing numbers
  • Funding continuity
  • Message from Dr Junior Ulu Director of Pacific Health
  • Access to purple vaccination cards
  • Mobile-based vaccine monitoring survey launched
  • Continuing with childhood immunisations
  • Masks for communities
  • Wellbeing

Provider network update 25 August

Provider network update 24 August

  • Supporting Aged Residential Care
  • Online self-help tools
  • COVID-19 testing numbers
  • Shout out to Wainuiomata Marae Vaccination Centre
  • Compulsory scanning and what that might mean for whanāu
  • Financial assistance available for businesses

Provider network update 23 August 2021

  • Call for Workforce
  • Childcare support
  • COVID-19 testing centre locations
  • COVID-19 Vaccination observation period reduced to 15 minutes
  • Second drive through vaccination clinic being established
  • Accessibility guidance, tools and resources
  • Support to access food
  • PPE Supplies
  • Funerals and tangihanga at Alert Level 4

Provider network update 21 August 2021

  • What to do if you are a healthcare worker and you or a family member have been to a location of interest
  • Call for Workforce
  • COVID-19 testing centre locations expanded
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Capacity Increase
  • First drive through vaccination clinic
  • Accessibility guidance, tools and resources
  • Food and household goods
  • Family Violence awareness
  • Wellbeing

Provider network update 20 August 2021

  • Call-out for workforce
  • COVID-19 testing locations expanded
  • COVID-19 vaccination capacity increase
  • Vulnerable workforce advice for ARC and NGOs
  • Masks for our communities
  • Supporting tamariki
  • Family violence and COVID-19 restrictions
  • Shout-out to Regional Public Health

Provider network update 19 August 2021

Provider network update 18 August 2021

Provider network update 17 August 2021

This update covers:

  • Essential health treatment
  • Aged residential care
  • Masks

Provider network update 27 April

This update covers:

Provider network update 9 October

This update includes:

  • My Health Passport – Generation II – available now

Provider network update 7 September

This update includes:

  • Youth One Stop Shop for Porirua getting closer - GETS tender open
  • Whaia E Tatou Te Pae Tawhiti – Getting Through Together
  • PIKI service experiencing high demand
  • Rheumatic Fever Update
  • Mask kindness
  • CBACs and key messages for testing
  • Community Capability and Resilience Fund
  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

Provider network update 20 August

This update includes:

Provider network update 14 August

This update includes:

  • Get a test if you have symptoms
  • Access to Medicines
  • Designated Testing Station update
  • Surveillance testing at the border
  • Quarantine Update
  • Rheumatic fever – you can use these social media posts on GPs working differently (English and Te reo), and COVID testing
  • Admissions to Aged Residential Care

Provider network update 13 August

This update includes:

Provider network update 1 July 2020

This update includes

Provider network update 19 June 2020 (PDF)

This update includes

  • Contract tracing posters
  • Information about RPH contact tracing
  • CBACs continue to operate.

Provider network update 15 May 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • What Level 2 looks like
  • PPE and Level 2
  • Initiatives to support the health and disability workforce
  • Visitors in Level 2
  • Surveillance Testing – Shout Out to our PHOs
  • Over 70s
  • Flu vaccines
  • Our Pacific Community
  • Workforce Office
  • Disability Support Services
  • Food Security
  • Community provider resources on website

Plus attachments – Clinical guidance responding to patients intellectual learning disability, FactSheet Over 70s, Health and disability services at level 2, Further developing planned careFrontline wellbeing support flyer, visitor fact sheet for aged residential care, NZACA Aged residential care visitor guidance at level 2

Provider network update 8 May 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Rollout of E-scripts
  • UN endorsement of our disability team
  • Q&A with Dr Michelle Balm
  • Positive Parenting
  • Wellbeing Hub
  • Guidance for mental health and addiction residential providers
  • Welfare contacts in 9 languages

    Plus attachments – welfare cards, MHA Guidance, TripleP tPOL flyer

Provider network update 1 May 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  •  CBAC walk-ins encouraged
  • Important information for CBAC teams
  • Interest free loans
  • Welfare Support
  • Important information for all residential care facilities
  • Passing on the aroha
  • Disability update

Provider Network update 24 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Message from our CEO
  • Residential Care Support
  • Online self-help tools
  • CBACs open for long weekend
  • A day in the life of a contact tracer

Provider network update 22 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Moving to Alert Level 3
  • Essential and Non-Essential Services
  • CBACs and testing
  • Residential Care Support

Provider network update 17 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Key priorities heading toward Alert Level 3
  • Supporting our residential care facilities
  • Important information re laboratory forms
  • Workforce update
  • PPE requests
  • Shout out to Ora Toa
  • Social media – te reo messages
  • Wellness
  • Disability tools 

Aged Residential Care provider update 14 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • DHB visits to ARC facilities
  • Mobile testing teams
  • Managing Deteriorating Health - Escalation pathway
  • PPE requests
  • New Ministry of Health guidance on dementia 


Provider network update Easter preparedness 9 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

Community based assessment centre (CBAC) hours and locations
  • Access to mobile assessment teams
  • Welfare support
  • Referral pathway for homeless
  • Escalation pathway for mental health and addiction
  • Support for aged residential care in the event of a positive COVID-19 case
  • Tools for working providing health services to the disability community 

Provider network update 8 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • WREMO’s welfare resource
  • Shout out to our Workforce Office
  • PPE update
  • Keeping occupied during a lockdown
  • Wellbeing 

Homeless provider network update 6 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Understanding COVID-19
  • Preventing the spread
  • Supporting the homeless community
  • Resources for you 

Provider network update 3 April 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Swabbing and testing
  • Community Based Assessment Centres (CBACs)
  • Connecting with WREMO and councils
  • Sharing stories
  • Back to basic messaging
  • Weekend cover 


Provider network update 31 March 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Access to PPE and training
  • A shout out Regional Public Health
  • Homelessness
  • Wellbeing
  • Resources 

Pharmacy update 31 March 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Funding
  • Clozapine
  • PPE
  • Workforce demands
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Prescriptions 

PHO geriatrician access 30 March 2020 (PDF)

Provider network update 20 March 2020 (PDF)

Provider network Q&A factsheet 20 March 2020 (PDF)

Service continuity community providers 24 March 2020 (PDF)

This update includes:

  • Funding Continuity
  • Essential & Non-Essential Services
  • Workforce Centre 

Workforce office advice 31 March 2020 (PDF)

Communicating with the disability community

We're working to ensure that information about COVID-19 is accessible for everyone and that we are responding to community needs. You can read our latest COVID-19 Disabled Community Panui below. 

COVID-19 Panui 3 April (PDF version) (Sign Language version)

COVID-19 Panui 25 March (PDF version) (Word version) (Sign Language version)

Update for Disability and Aged Care Providers on Alert Level 4

Watch a summary of the latest panui in Sign Language Sign Language icon


Planning Updates


COVID-19 Planning Update 14 October:

  • Current situation
  • Resurgence Planning
  • Managing COVID-19 in the community – Ministry of Health response
  • Managing COVID-19 in the community – our response
  • Vaccination
  • What is happening now
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Hospital resilience planning


DHB resources

Important Information for Residential Facilities 30 April 2020 (PDF)

Important Information for Aged Residential Care Facilities 23 April 2020 (PDF)

Mobile Teams for testing in residential facilities update 17 April 2020 (PDF)

Mobile Teams  for testing in residential facilities update 14 April 2020 (PDF)

Accessible Tools for Disabilities 9 April 2020 (PDF)

Aged Residential Care escalation pathway and contacts 9 April 2020 (PDF)

COVID-19 mobile teams for those who can't leave home - contact details and pathway 9 April 2020 (PDF)

Table of options and pathway for homeless 9 April 2020 (PDF)

Guidance on using masks 3 April (PDF)

2DHB Mobile teams for COVID-19 swabbing in residential care facilities 2 April 2020 (PDF)

A Letter to give to neighbours of people receiving in home care 2 April 2020 (PDF)

Workforce office advice 31 March 2020 (PDF)


PPE used by community care providers for prevention of COVID-19 (PDF)

Steps to put on PPE safely (PDF)

Ministry of Health resources

Health and disability services at Alert Level 3 (PDF)

Accessing welfare support (PDF)

Updates from the Ministry of Health Disability (PDF)

RPH resources

Contact tracing booklets

Services and support resources (translations)

Cook Islands Maori - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Fijian - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Kiribati - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Niuean - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Rotuman - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Samoan- COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Tokelauan - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Tongan - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Tuvaluan - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

English - COVID-19 services and support contact card (PDF)

Māori and Pacific Island language resources

Other resources and funding

Funding available through Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office and Wellington City Council 4 May 2020 (PDF)



Videos about COVID-19 and our response

Thank you from Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley CE Fionnagh Dougan



Helping community providers respond to COVID-19

In this video, CE Fionnagh Dougan and 2DHB Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance team talk about how our DHBs are working closely with community providers to ensure continuity of funding, access to appropriate supplies of PPE and support PHOs to establish CBACs around the district.



Q & A with Dr Michelle Balm, Infectious Disease clinician at CCDHB

You asked, we answered.  Dr Michelle Balm has taken the COVID-19 questions you’ve emailed us and answered them for you.  You can watch it all, or jump straight to your question using the timecode below.  Remember, if you have questions, please send them to COVID-19questions@ccdhb.org.nz


01:24 What are the main symptoms?
02:13 How long do people stay sick?
02:51 Why is it bad for older people?
03:36 Is it bad for younger people too?
04:50 How is COVID-19 transmitted?
11:20 Should we all be wearing masks?
15:56 At work, what PPE should we wear?
20:58 Will it spread in a wet environment?
21:54 Is there a risk with incontinence?
23:24 Is there a PPE shortage?
25:28 Can staff work at more than once facility?
25:54 How do we manage visitors for end of life care?
27:24 How do we screen staff for symptoms?
28:40 What do we do if a resident’s health acutely deterioriates?
29:37 Should every resident have a test before coming in to residential care?
34:10 Do we need to quarantine mail?
35:04 Is it safe to come to outpatient clinics?

Our priority populations

In this video, CE Fionnagh Dougan introduces the leaders of our Māori and Pasifika teams who are communicating with, and providing support to, these important priority populations as we navigate through COVID-19.​


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