NZRC CORE Advanced course information

Course details

This course is for the advanced rescuer who may be expected to manage, supervise or take a key support role in managing a cardiac arrest or medical emergency. It includes skill stations, scenarios, skills and knowledge assessments.


This course is available to

  • –dentists and general practitioners
  • –specialists
  • –cardiac physiologists
  • –nursing & midwifery staff where it is a requirement to hold NZRC CORE Advanced certification

Learning objectives

Through completing this course participants will be able to

  • –perform, as a single or double rescuer, the NZRC adult collapse management plan, including manual and automated defibrillation
  • –execute, as a single or double rescuer, the NZRC childhood collapse management plan and modifications required for infants
  • –manage an apnoeic victim using the NZRC apnoea management sequence
  • –apply the ALS algorithm to resuscitation scenarios


9.5 hours over one or two days


$350.00 (excluding GST)

Subject to Availability


Wellington Regional Hospital

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Last updated 14 April 2023.