MB ChB (Glas) 1903

Born Inverness, 30 Oct 1877                           Died Levin 6 Oct 1934

Robert Bryson

Postgraduate study at St Andrew's University 1906 - 1907

First registered as a medical practitioner in NZ 25 Mar 1913

Commenced general practice in Levin.

He had married Mary Wells of Christchurch in 1913, but she died in childbirth.

In 1918, he married Dr Elizabeth Macdonald, a friend from St Andrew's days, and they decided to move to Wellington in 1926 so that she could practice her specialty, gynaecology and diseases of women.

Robert ran a general practice and did some obstetrics.

Visiting Anaesthetist, Wellington Hospital 1928 - 1934


Obituary: NZMJ 1935 34:71





photograph courtesy Jean Bryson
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