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From 1997 there was considerable restructure of the senior nursing workforce including a number of changes in role titles.  To date not all nurses holding such roles have been identified but presented below are those that have.  As further information comes to hand this page will be updated.  Where detailed career information is available, this can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Jane McGeorgeNurse Consultant, Leadership
Maralyn FoureurProfessional Development & Research
Margaret McArtneyNurse Advisor/Nurse Leader         Medical Surgical Services                         Nurse Advisor/Nurse Leader       Medicine & Cancer Directorate2004 - 2007                                                                                                           2007 - 2009
Lesley McCulloughNursing Practice
Kaye CarncrossNurse Consultant, the Career Pathway
Janice Byford-JonesADON Surgery, Womens & Child Health 2010
Karlene Willcocks
Wendy Watson
Victoria Noble

ADON Quality

DON Primary & Integrated Care


2008 - 2015

Anjan Naidu

Nurse Coordinator Professional Development

ADON Workforce Development

2012 - 2015


2015 -

Helen Costello

ADON Research

ADON Practice Development

Joe McDonaldADON Medicine2011 - 2013
Andrea McCanceADON Surgery, Womens and Children2011 - 2013
Linda PaleshekADON Primary & Integrated Care
Toni Dal Din

ADON Mental Health

DON Mental Health

2010 - 2015

2015 -

Robyn MaudeADOMidwifery2006 - 2013
Emma HicksonDON Primary & Community2015 -
Sheryl HuntNurse Consultant Strategic Workforce
Joanna WaillingADON Surgery, Women & Children2016 - 
Carolyn ColesADON Womens
Fiona HoughtonADON Cancer & Community
Last updated 24 April 2017.