Public attendance at meetings

The following guidance provides information for you to be able to connect into these meetings with as little difficultly as possible. Click here for guidance on Zoom meetings

Members of the public who wish to speak about items on the agenda can attend the public section of the meeting. To take part in public participation you need to apply and your request needs to be approved by the Chair. To apply, please contact us no later than two business days before the meeting by contacting our Board Secretary (

When you apply please let us know:

  • your name
  • which meeting you’d like to speak at
  • what you’d like to speak about (in reference to the agenda) 
  • whether you are speaking as an individual or a representative of a group.

If your request is approved you will be given an approximate time for your attendance and also advised the length of time for speaking (usually no more than 5 minutes).

During the meeting, the Chair has the ability to:

  • draw an individual’s comments to a close if those comments are inappropriate, do not relate to the agenda of the meeting or have exceeded the allocated time
  • exercise discretion as to whether to allow questions
  • draw the session to a close.

As is standard for any board or committee, you will not be able to interject or speak at any other time during these meetings unless at the direct invitation of the chair of the meeting.

Last updated 30 August 2021.