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1.0 Committee of the board

1.1 The hospital advisory committee is a committee of the Board of Capital and Coast DHB established in terms of section 36 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act (the Act). These Terms of Reference are supplementary to the provisions of the Act. The purpose of the committee is to advise on matters related to the provision of hospital and related services.

2.0 Role of the committee

2.1 Consistent with the District Annual Plan, the Statement of Intent, and the New Zealand Health and Disability Strategy, the functions of the hospital advisory committee are to:

(a) monitor the financial and operational performance of the hospitals (and related services) of the DHB; and
(b) assess strategic issues relating to the provision of hospital services by or through the DHB; and
(c) give the board advice and recommendations on that monitoring and that assessment.

3.0 Management reporting to the committee

3.1 Management shall provide a regular report to the hospital advisory committee showing in summary form:

3.2 The year to date hospital operating and financial performance, and, as required, summarising strategic issues for consideration.

4.0 Delegated powers

4.1 The committee shall not have any powers except as specifically delegated by the Board from time to time.

5.0 Membership and procedure

5.1 Membership of the committee and all matters of procedure are provided for in Schedule 4 to the Act together with the board and committee standing orders. The board shall appoint members and the committee chair for a term not exceeding three years.

6.0 Access

6.1 The committee has access through the CEO and the COO to the management and records of Capital Coast Health DHB. The committee is empowered to meet with other relevant health sector groups and entities, to call for reports from management and to take independent advice.

6.2 Committee members shall disclose any conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interests to the Chair of the Committee, as soon as they become aware of them. The Chair of the Committee shall determine in conjunction with the Board the appropriate action that should be taken in accordance with the requirements set out in the Board Standing orders and Board and committee members Governance Handbook.

7.0 Reporting by committee

7.1 Minutes of committee meetings shall be available to DHB members and shall be presented at the following board meeting. Where required, a report by management shall be given to the following Board meeting with any recommendations arising from the hospital advisory committee presented for consideration.

Last updated 29 March 2018.