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Disability Responsiveness

Our role

CCDHB provide the planning and funding functions of disability support services for people aged 65 years and older, who generally experience disabilities due to the increasing complexity of their health needs. Younger people with disabilities who are more likely to have the same health needs as the rest of the population - but may require greater linkages across sectors such as housing, education, transport and vocational support - have disability support services funded by the Ministry of Health.

Sub-regional Disability Implementation Plan 2013-2018

The 3DHBs announce a Significant plan to improve disability planning policy and services within health across all parts of our health system.
This has been developed in consultaiton with a range of different communities across the five localiites and has involved a collaboration of disabled people, Board members, clincial staff and community providers.

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Sub-regional Disability Advisory Group

A combined 3DHB disability advisory group has been established to ensure people with disabilities have a forum to enable their voices to be heard across the Wairarapa, Capital & Coast, and Hutt Valley District Health Boards (DHB).

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Sub-Regional Disability Forum

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Disability Action Group

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New and ongoing projects

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Health Passport

Are you tired of being asked the same health and disability questions by medical staff? If you have disabilities and/or communication issues, completing and carrying your own personal Health Passport with you will provide medical staff with the information they need to support you.

You can read more and download your own Health Passport here




Disability Support Links

Disability access to GP offices

Contact Us

This page is always under review and open to consultation. Please send comments and your stories to:

Pauline Boyles, Senior Disability Advisor
Disability Responsiveness
Service Integration and Development
Phone: (04) 806 2437
Fax: (04) 385 5430
Email: Pauline.Boyles@sidu.org.nz

Pam McNeill
Disability Responsive Educator
Learning Development
Phone: (04) 806 2563
Email: Pam.McNeill@ccdhb.org.nz


Archived Strategies

  • Promoting Participation - Kotahi Tatou: The New Zealand Disability Strategy
    Promoting Participation – Kotahi Tatou was the framework for implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy for the Capital and Coast District Health Board 2006-2010. Information and Guide for Implementation of the New Zealand Disability Strategy is designed to guide people involved in the delivery, management, and governance of health and disability services in Capital & Coast District Health Board to implement the principles of the New Zealand Disability Strategy.