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Wellington Hospital: a guide to services

Finding your way around
You will find maps and signs throughout the hospital and can view or download a copy from the maps section of this site. Each building is marked on the map in a different colour. If you’re unsure of where to go, please askone of our friendly staff membes or volunteers. All staff wear identity cards and are happy to help you.

The following is a list of wards:

  • 2: Ground floor and reception:
    • 2 North: Blood and Cancer Centre
    • 2 Central: Clinical Measurement Unit, Main Outpatients
    • 2 South: Transit Lounge, Radiology/X-Ray
  • 3: Theatres and ICU:
    • 3 North: Women's Clinics, Blood and Cancer Centre, Te Mahoe
    • 3 Central: Intensive care Unit, Surgical Admissions
    • 3 South: Sterile Services
  • 4: Women's Services:
    • 4 North: Gynecology, Ante and Post-Natal
    • 4 South: Delivery Suite, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 5: Medical Wards:
    • 5 North: General Medicine, Oncology and Renal
    • 5 Central: Renal Dialysis
    • 5 South: General Medicine and Infectious Diseases
  • 6: Medical Wards:
    • 6 North: Orthopaedic and Urology
    • 6 Central: Allied Health
    • 6 South: Cardiology and Cardiothoracic
  • 7: Surgical Wards:
    • 7 North: General Surgical, Vascular and Ear, Nose and Throat
    • 7 Central: Day Unit
    • 7 South: Neuroscience, Stroke and Eyes

Visiting times
Please do not visit the hospital wards if you or any of your loved ones are unwell as this can compromise the health of our patients.

Visiting hours have been arranged to be as convenient as possible. They may vary from ward to ward so it is advisable to check with the ward. A list of visiting hours is published in the daily newspapers and on our Visiting Hours page.

Car parking
Entry and exit to the under ground car park is via the Riddiford Street entrance to the Wellington Regional Hospital. Charges are posted at the entrance and must be paid prior to exit at any of the automatic payment machines located in the lift foyers. If you need to visit the hospital often, and have difficulties paying for parking, please see the Charge Nurse or Team Leader in the department you are visiting, as you may be eligible for discounted car parking. View more details here.

Children are welcome to visit, but young children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and not left to run freely around the hospital.

Wheelchair access is available at all entrance points to the hospital. If required, wheelchairs are available from the main entrance to the Wellington Regional Hospital.

A number of bus services (including bus routes 1, 3,10, 11, 18, 22, 23,43/44) pass by the main entrance of Wellington Hospital in Riddiford Street, Newtown. Times and bus numbers are available by either calling Metlink on 0800 801 700, txt: BUS (287) or TRN (876) or visiting www.metlink.org.nz. There are also bus timetables available in the main atrium of the hospital. The hospital is a 10-15 minute bus ride from the airport, railway station and ferry terminal. Taxis are available from the front entrance of the hospital on Riddiford Street. Taxis are available from the front of the hospital on Riddiford Street.

A free shuttle for patients runs between Wellington and Kenepuru hospitals on weekdays, every hour on the hour 7.00am-6.00pm. To book a seat, please call shuttle bookings at the Wellington Transport Office phone (04) 806-2708 between 7.30am-4.30pm or email shuttle.booking@ccdhb.org.nz. The shuttle does not operate on weekends or public hoilidays, and has reduced services over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. Call the Transport Coordinator on (04) 806-2706.

Toilets for visitors are well sign-posted throughout the hospital. If you are unable to find one, please ask a staff member.

Telephones and mobile phones
There is a card operated telephone available in the main atrium. Phone cards are available from the Hospital Gift Shop located in the atrium of Wellington Regional Hospital. Mobile phones are allowed in wards (except in the Intensive Care Unit) and their use is encouraged as an efficient way to keep in touch with your family and friends. However, please be respectful of other patients by having your ringtone on a quiet setting.

WiFi is available in the Wellington Regional Hospital, Grace Neill Block, Children's Hospital and Emergency Department. Tokens can be bought at the Hospital Gift Shop in the atrium.

Wellington Hospital has two cafés and a coffee bar which cater for visitors, patients and staff.

  • Wishbone (in the main atrium) is open from 6.30am to 8.30pm on weekdays and 9.00am to 4.30pm on weekends and public holidays.
  • Fuel Espresso Bar (Clinical Services Block) by the Mein Street entrance is open from 7.00am to 4.30pm on week days and 9.30am to 2.00pm.
  • Simply Food (upstairs, Otago School of Medicine) is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.15pm.

Banking Services and Postal Services
Opposite the Hospital Gift Shop is an ASB ATM machine (catering for most banks) and a Post Box for national and international posting. Branches of most banks and a NZ Post Shop can be found in Newtown, a five minute walk south from the main entrance on Riddiford Street.

Wellington Hospital is a smokefree site.

Cultural support - Whānau Care Services and Pacific Health Unit
The cultural support area is found at the front of the main atrium. The Whānau Care Services, Chaplaincy Department, Chapel, prayer room and Pacific Island team are all located in this area.

Whānau Care Services: Whānau Care provides support to patients and whānau throughout their hospital stay. Phone (04) 806 0948 or ext 80948; Fax: (04) 385 5421 or ext 5421. email wcs@ccdhb.org.nz
Pacific Health Unit: Pacific Support Service supports all Pacific patients and their families during their stay in hospital and provides advocacy as well as social and cultural support. The service is available 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, however urgent matters will be responded to outside of these hours.
The team can be contacted via phone (04) 385 5999 ext 4720; or fax: 04 385 5421.

Hospital gift shop
Located in the Atrium of Wellington Hospital for patients, staff and visitors convenience. Hours are 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 3.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The shop has a wide range of goods and services:

  • The Dominion Post
  • Flowers
  • Greeting and Get Well cards
  • WiFi tokens
  • Magazines
  • Food stuffs and drinks
  • Basic pharmaceuticals and toiletries
  • Phone Cards (including cell phone top-ups)
  • Stamps
  • Snapper Cards
  • Gift items
  • Balloons
  • Dry-Cleaning
  • Other items

You can also place orders over the phone using your credit card for delivery to patients in Hospital. Please call 04 389 5610 or online at www.whhf.org.nz/giftshop.

The Gift Shop is run by the Hospital's official charity, Wellington Hospitals and Health Foundation (www.whhf.org.nz). All proceeds from the Gift Shop will be used for patient comfort and community programmes in the Hospital.

Flowers, gifts, letters and parcels
Flowers, gifts, letters or parcels should be clearly marked with the patient’s name and ward. Flowers are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or in the High Dependancy Unit in Ward 7 south.

Send letters and parcels to the address below:

Wellington Hospital
Private Bag 7902
Wellington South

For delivery of Flowers and Gifts, the address is:

Wellington Hospital
Riddiford Street

The Quiet Room (Chapel)
The Chapel is open 24 hours and can be used by all hospital patients, relatives and staff.
Chaplains: Ext 82126/82124 or ask the operator to page 24/7 (paging is preferred).
The chaplains are available for people of all faiths or no faith. If you want to access a minister from a particular faith not represented within the chaplaincy team, ask your nurse, midwife or doctor for the list of on-call chaplains or ask one of the chaplaincy team to contact an appropriate person.

Friends and relatives wishing to enquire about patients should telephone +64 4 385 5947 or +64 4 385 5949. For all other enquiries, telephone +64 4 385 5999.