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Quality Improvement and Innovation Awards 2012

On Tuesday 20th November, CCDHB celebrated the Quality Improvement and Innovation Awards. These awards provide a great opportunity to encourage, support and celebrate innovative project work across the Capital and Coast DHB region. It is also a chance to highlight the collaborative approach that services are taking to reduce pressure on hospital services and improve the health of our population. These awards publicly acknowledged staff for their work on these projects and recognised and rewarded the achievement of innovations and improvements that are currently being undertaken within our DHB. Over 60 applications were received.
The Winners of the Supreme Award

Patient Administration Services, or "the forgotten team", led by Darlene Natoli, were chosen for many reasons. Not only have they have significantly improved the quality of the service they provide, PAS have also been able to successfully work with numerous stakeholders across primary and secondary care to develop efficient and effective systems for vulnerable and hard to reach populations.

One example of this was Pacific Island patients, who were noted as having poor attendance at ENT and Diabetes clinics. The outcome of the team's four month focus on this group was a 20% reduction in non-attendance.

Patients' needs are now being met in a more timely matter and their anxieties are being addressed, resulting in a reduction of waiting times and earlier intervention - all contributing to improved patient outcomes and avoiding greater cost of care delivery.

PAS have overcome significant barriers across the DHB region to collaborate and establish better ways of working that not only benefit patients and families - they also have significant benefits for healthcare providers as well.


Picured from left: Chris Bennett, Operations Manager, Patient Administration Services, Kelvin Watson, Executive Director of Clinical & Corporate Support Services and Darlene Natoli, Team Leader, Outpatient Booking Centre.